Accounts Payable/Disbursements Preparing for Year-End and 2016 Webinars
Preparing for Year End

APA combines cutting-edge technology and the latest year-end compliance training in the Accounts Payable/Disbursements Preparing for Year-End Webinar offered as a webinar for your convenience. Now receive year-end processing and compliance information without leaving your office.

Accounts Payable/Disbursements Preparing for Year-End is the course that every accounts payable, systems, and accounting professional must attend to better understand the tough new year-end and 2016 requirements.

Please note that the live webinars are given at a specific date and time while On Demand webinars will be available soon after the live presentation.

Please be sure to verify your selection before purchasing.

A $45 administrative fee will be assessed for each transfer/substitution including single sessions of a 4 part series purchase.

Same Day Registrations

Please note, if you register the day of the webinar, you will need to contact Membership Services at 210-224-6406. Membership Services will verify registration and send webinar materials.


Educational Webinars begin at 1:00 pm ET, unless otherwise noted on the event description.
Most educational webinars are 90 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.


  • Segment 1: Year-End Preparation
  • Segment 2: Taxation Issues Common to Accounts Payable
  • Segment 3: Legislation, Regulatory Actions, Agency Guidance, and Court Decisions
  • Segment 4: State Filing Requirements Impacting Accounts Payable, Annual Changes, and Forms Review

Recertification Credit Hours

If you purchase and view all four segments, you will earn a total of 6 RCHs or 0.6 CEUs (1.5 RCHs or 0.15 CEUs for each individual segment). 

Event Policies

Please read our policies for registration, transfer, substitution, cancellation, and refunds.

Webinar Registration

Please note only the person who has purchased and registered for the webinar may log in and call into the presentation. Any additional participants using the same evite will be invoiced.

Each 90-minute webinar is streamed to the user at a specific time over the Internet. During the live webinar, attendees can participate in polling and ask questions.

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