Membership Dues

Annual membership dues: $219 for one year or $438 for two years

There is a $35 enrollment fee for new members and members inactive more than 90 days.

Members of the APA receive PAYTECH magazine as part of their annual dues of $219, $50 of which is allocated to their subscription to PAYTECH, which is nonrefundable therefrom.

100% of APA membership dues are deductible as an ordinary business expense.


Member Renewal Options
Product Code DU07   Price
One Year Dues Renewal (Member) $219.00
One Year Dues Renewal (Colleague) $219.00
One Year Dues Renewal (Non-Member) $219.00
Product Code DU08   Price
Two Year Dues Renewal (Member) $438.00
Two Year Dues Renewal (Colleague) $438.00
Two Year Dues Renewal (Non-Member) $438.00
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