APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp: Virtual Classroom


APA's NEW Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp will give you the confidence and detailed knowledge to pass the CPP exam. This comprehensive 20-session, virtual course will provide you the tools and resources to effectively study the material, practice and apply your learning, and confidently pass the exam. Click here for more details.

Who Should Attend

Payroll professionals who have mastered the fundamentals of payroll administration and wish to improve job performance. Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp is for eligible candidates preparing for the CPP exam. Click here to check your eligibility to take the CPP exam.


Please note that the Virtual Classroom is presented at a specific date and time. See below for class dates and time:


Tuesday Class-14BTC04V

October 21, 2014 through April 7, 2015


*Note: There is NO session the week of Thanksgiving. In addition, due to the holidays, preparing and finalizing year-end, the last session for 2014 is December 16. The CPP Boot Camp will continue on January 20. Please continue your studies.


Time: 6:00 p.m. ET

Duration: 2-hours with a 5-minute break



If you register the day of the class, please contact APA's Membership Services at (210) 224-6406 to receive evite.


The APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp: Virtual Classroom will be delivered over the Internet via WebEx. The course will be presented in segments, which cannot be purchased separately. All participants will engage in class exercises and ask questions via interactive collaboration using WebEx meeting software. Coursework will be collected and reviewed by the course instructor. You will receive an email from APA Events with instructions and links to download course materials and access the virtual classroom.

Event Policies

Please read our policies for registration, transfer, substitution, cancellation, and refunds.

10/21/14-APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp
As an experienced payroll professional, you understand and demonstrate your payroll knowledge and expertise. You speak the terminology very well. Is it time to advance your standing in the profession by earning the Certified Payroll Professional designation. During the Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp, we’ll cover the topics based on the CPP exam content outline. You will walk away with first-class payroll knowledge, which can immediately be applied by demonstrating your knowledge by passing the CPP exam as well as creating a cost-effective payroll department within your organization. After the Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp, you will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take and pass the CPP exam and have a higher level of understanding for the following:
  • Advanced payroll functions and the impact within your organization
  • Complex laws and regulations affecting payroll processing, taxation, reporting
  • Complicated issues dealing such as, benefits, third-party sick pay, and involuntary deductions
  • Federal taxation, withholding and reporting
  • High-level calculations to ensure payroll accuracy
Product Code 14BTC04V   Price
10/21/14-APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp (Member) $1,895.00
10/21/14-APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp (Colleague) $1,955.00
10/21/14-APA's Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp (Non-Member) $2,150.00
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