Payroll Issues for Multi-State Employers Webinars On Demand

When processing payroll in multiple states, differences in state laws and regulations present unique challenges to professionals responsible for compliance. Payroll Issues for Multi-State Employers Webinar On Demand provides the information necessary to maintain compliance in every state in which you pay employees. This intensive, four-part webinar course covers state income tax withholding issues, out-of-state child support withholding orders, residency determinations, fringe benefits issues, and much more.


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A $45 administrative fee will be assessed for each transfer/substitution to include one session of a 4 part series purchase.

Program options: 2015 Program Dates
In Person Seminar 4/13 - 4/17
4-Part Live Webinar 4/22 4/24 4/29 5/01

Available after
4-Part Webinar on Demand 5/06 5/08 5/13 5/15

Top 10 Crazy State Payroll Laws!

#1--Arizona: State Employment Verification Requirements
An Arizona employer gets a second violation for knowingly employing/contracting with an unauthorized alien. How bad is the penalty? Try permanent revocation of all the employer's businesses licenses!

Don't close your doors! State employment verification is discussed at APA's "Multi-State" course.

View the rest of the "Top 10 Crazy State Payroll Laws!"


  • Segment 1: Regulations on Paying the Employee and Abandoned Wages
  • Segment 2: Wage and Hour and Garnishment Issues
  • Segment 3: State Income Tax Withholding Requirements
  • Segment 4: State Unemployment Insurance and other state requirements
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The Webinars are delivered over the Internet. The program is downloaded to your computer and it starts playing as the downloading continues in the background. The process requires a high-speed Internet connection and Windows Media Player 9 or higher. For each segment for which you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and links to download course materials, access for one Webinar viewing, and a questionnaire for evaluating the Webinar. Once you have completed the evaluation you can print a completion certificate. 
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Recertification Credit Hours

Earn up to a total of  6 RCHs or 0.6 CEUs (1.5 RCHs or 0.15 CEUs for each individual segment).


Please note that Webinars On Demand are not available until 14 days after the live presentation.

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