Know When
Equity Becomes Taxable

Does your organization compensate employees with equity? Let us clarify when and how to tax stock with an in-depth webinar on July 28.

During "Stock and Stock Options: What Is Taxable and When?" attendees will learn when stock provided as compensation becomes taxable, as well when stock options are taxable. By the conclusion of the webinar, you will understand when the transaction requires you to include income and how to report it efficiently.

Don't let compensation plague you any longer. Register for this webinar today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPE credits for attending this webinar.

Properly Report
Executive Compensation

On August 3, become familiar with common fringe benefits executives receive and how the IRS audits them with the webinar "Executive Compensation: Avoid the NIghtmare of IRS Executive Audits."

The IRS is actively searching for companies and executives with fringe benefits that are being hidden or reported incorrectly. This in-depth webinar will show you how to be compliant with taxation and reporting of executive compensation and how to apply IRS taxation and reporting requirements to executive compensation.

Avoid an audit headache -- register for this webinar today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPE credits for each webinar segment attended.

Effectively Pay
Terminated Employees

It's no secret that employees will leave your company -- sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. But is your organization paying those employees properly? Find out the state rules regulating when and how to pay terminated employees in the upcoming webinar "When Must Terminated Employees Be Paid?."

On August 4, learn how many states impose requirements on the payroll process when making a final payment to an employee and how to ensure your policies meet state requirements for paying terminated employees. This session will also discuss state rules regulating when and how termination payments should be made.

Ensure that your organization's process for paying terminated employees is efficient and hassle-free! Register today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPE credits for attending this webinar.


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