New Webinar Covers 2015 Health Care Reporting Requirements

Although 2014 has just begun, payroll professionals are already preparing for 2015 in regard to health care reporting. For health coverage provided in 2015, large employers (those with 50 or more full-time employees) and insurance providers will be required to report health coverage to facilitate the premium tax credit, Individual Shared Responsibility, and Employer Shared Responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The IRS recently released final regulations providing guidance on the reporting for both employers and insurers. APA's March 25 webinar "New Health Coverage Reporting Required for 2015: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" will guide attendees through the changes. Participants will learn how to file the new Form 1095-C and what information must be reported on it; when the first Form 1095-C must be provided to employees and the IRS; and how self-insured employers can satisfy both the employee and insurer reporting requirements on one form.

Hit the ground running with 2015's new health care reporting requirements -- register for this new webinar today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPEs for attending this webinar.

Another Class Available for
CPP Boot Camp

Recently, APA launched its new training program, the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Boot Camp: Virtual Classroom. Over 20 interactive, web-based, evening classes, the CPP Boot Camp arms attendees with the confidence and detailed knowledge necessary to pass the CPP exam. The CPP Boot Camp is led by an expert APA instructor, offers pre- and post-class assessments, and delivers access to PayTrain® for one year.

The course garnered such excitement among payroll professionals that its initial May 22 through September 25 course filled quickly. In response, APA announced a new May 20 through September 23 class to accommodate the immense interest.

Don't let the opportunity for career advancement escape you -- register for the new Boot Camp class today!

Free Webinar Navigates
ePay Landscape

The American Payroll Association has partnered with WEX rapid! Paycard to bring payroll professionals an informative free webinar on the role of paycards in today's economy.

On March 27, the webinar "Simplifying Paycards in Today's World" will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the current ePayroll landscape. The webinar will discuss topics such as current Consumers Union initiatives, the state of overdraft protection as it relates to paycards, current compliance hot topics, and how an issuing bank plays a role.

Attendees also will discover how current consumer initiatives affect ePayroll, what those initiatives mean for payroll professionals, and why the banks that issue paycards matter.

See how ePayroll is responding to state regulatory and legislative initiatives -- register for this free webinar today!

Earn up to 1 RCH, 0.1 CEU, or 1 CPE for attending this webinar.


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