Webinar Highlights
2015 Payroll Changes

On Thursday, February 5, discover the latest changes you need for successful payroll processing in 2015 with APA's webinar, "New Year, New Challenges -- It's 2015!"

This 90-minute webinar will reveal what new laws will impact your processing in 2015. Attendees will also learn what new regulatory issues will impact payroll processing.

Start off the new year in compliance -- register for this webinar now!

Expertly Handle
W-2 Corrections This Season

Making corrections to an employee's W-2 often means filing two or more returns. Discover when and why Form W-2c and Form 941-X may be required in your correction process with APA's webinar, "Correcting a W-2 Without Making More Mistakes."

Presented Thursday, February 12, this webinar will not only instruct attendees on how to complete Forms W-2c and 941-X, but when they must be filed to avoid penalties. Participants will also learn how to prepare Form W-2c efficiently and how to prepare Form 941-X correctly.

Handle W-2 corrections with ease this season -- register for this webinar today!

Learn to Properly
Manage Overpayments

Overpayments happen for many reasons and come in many forms. Learn how to manage the repayment and correction process in a compliant manner with APA's webinar, "How to Deal With Overpayments."

Presented Thursday, February 19, this 90-minute webinar will teach participants how IRS, DOL, and state regulations impact repayments. Attendees also will learn how to correctly report a repayment on Form W-2.

Ensure your organization recoups overpayments timely and correctly -- register for this webinar now!

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