New Global Webinar
Discusses Payroll in
the Netherlands

On June 12, review the employment and tax requirements of the Netherlands with the new APA webinar "Payroll in the Netherlands."

In addition to exploring the customs, work rules, and holidays of the Netherlands, this webinar will also include a discussion on the culture and language requirements you will face when your organization does business there. Attendees will also learn about banking and money movement requirements, plus Social and Income Employment Taxes.

Understand the business protocols of the Netherlands -- register for this webinar today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPE credits for attending this webinar.

New Learning Format Gives Pay
Pros Advantage Over Tricky Forms

Just when you thought it was safe to fill out federal forms... APA brings you Forms Week 2015! Protect your compliance with APA's new interactive way for you to learn about federal Forms W-4, W-2, and 941, plus USCIS Form I-9.

The entire Forms Week 2015 series, beginning Tuesday, June 16, will be delivered in a flipped learning format -- APA subject matter experts cover each form in detail in a webinar on demand and you ask questions the following week during a LIVE Q&A session!

The advantage of this? During a live webinar, you are often trying to capture what is being said the instant the speaker says it. You cannot stop and reflect upon what is being said and you may miss significant points because they are trying to transcribe the instructor's words. APA's flipped learning format allows you to listen, reflect, and document any questions you have about each of the forms. The following week, you can get answers to your specific questions in a separate live Q & A that will cover all four forms.

Each federal form is presented separately in a 60-minute webinar on demand session. You can decide which session(s) you want to view to learn about federal Forms W-4, W-2, and 941, and the USCIS Form I-9. Any session you view includes the live Q & A session, which will be held on Thursday, June 25.

Tackle your form fears head on -- participate in Forms Week 2015!

Earn up to 1 RCH or 0.1 CEU for each webinar attended.

Go Lean for Big
Gains With New Seminar

On July 13, APA will roll out Lean Labor: Producing the Perfect Paycheck, a new course that will help attendees strive to produce a perfect paycheck while creating a highly effective workforce.

Various industries implement lean concepts and lean tools to eliminate waste and increase their bottom lines. Over two days, this new course will help implement the same strategies by showing payroll professionals at every level how to review processes and understand how all departments within the organizations are connected.

Learn to reduce cost and eliminate waste -- register for Lean Labor: Producing the Perfect Paycheck.

Develop Strong
Partnerships With Vendors

APA's new course, Managing Vendor Partnerships, will help you gain the proper knowledge and tools to increase the rate of success in establishing strong relationships with your vendor(s).

Whether you work in payroll, HR, benefits, or other related departments, it is a common practice for organizations to outsource services with multiple vendors. This course will help you properly manage your relationship with vendors and develop a strong partnership between your organization and the provider.

Create a meaningful bond with your vendors -- register for Managing Vendor Partnerships!

Free Member Benefits Helps With Electronic Payments

On July 13, APA will roll out The Guide to Successful Electronic Payments, sponsored by rapid! PayCard, helps successfully implement and administer an electronic pay program.

Free for APA members, the eBook contains detailed information on this and other electronic transfers, such as third party payments, international payments, and those made in accounts payable. From direct deposits to paycards, it covers all you need to know on correctly making electronic payments.

Handle electronic payments with confidence -- download your free copy today!

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