Acquire Basic Payroll Skills

APA's Payroll Practice Essentials arms you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to produce accurate paychecks and ensure payroll compliance. This course, available as both a virtual classroom and in-person course in multiple cities, will teach you fundamental and complex concepts and calculations through hands-on exercises.

Payroll Practice Essentials is ideal for tax, HR, benefits, systems, and new payroll professionals. Attendees will learn how to calculate gross and net pay; recognize taxable and nontaxable fringe benefits; withhold, deposit, and report federal income taxes; and be able to confidently file Forms 941 and W-2. Those who sign up to attend the class will receive a free one year-subscription to PayState Update (a $365 value).

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Master Payroll
Compliance in Singapore

Singapore is strategically positioned as an international business hub, renowned for its political stability and sound economy. Join us in February for Payroll Complinace in Singapore: Challenges of a Global Workforce to learn not only the fundamentals of payroll administration and the various methodologies of tackling payroll and legal issues, but also the latest trends of the Singapore payroll landscape.

Attendees will learn the common challenges in handling multinational payroll, the legal compliance considerations for multinational payroll, the ins and outs of payroll administration in Singapore, and the current trends in the country’s payroll landscape.

Don't let Singapore's payroll daunt you any longer. Register today to become a Singapore payroll expert!


Compliance TV - November

Compliance TV is your source for payroll compliance news.

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