Streamline Global Operations,
Manage Risk With Webinar

Are you considering adopting a global payroll approach or consolidating your payroll operations across multiple countries? Discover how to streamline operations and manage risk when you attend Is Global Payroll the Right Approach?

During this webinar on January 25, you will learn the global payroll market and typical offerings, trends in vendor service delivery methods, typical implementation and ongoing operational requirements, and global payroll from a compliance management perspective.

Register today to start implementing an effective global payroll approach.

Maximize Global Mobility Investment

The Creating and measuring the value of international assignments continues to be a challenge for organizations as they expand into new markets.

Creating Valuable International Assignments will demonstrate the elements to consider before, during, and after an international assignment, using examples of what companies are doing (or avoiding) to ensure that the company, assignees, and overseas operations are all optimized and returns are measured. This 90-minute webinar, scheduled for February 23, will cover how to create an international assignment policy that works for everyone, how to foster employee retention, and more.

Register today to start crafting your international assignment policy.


Compliance TV - January

Compliance TV is your source for payroll compliance news.

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