Learn the Fundamentals
of Calculating Paychecks

APA combines cutting-edge technology with hands-on exercises covering the basic payroll calculation procedures that are required to pay employees accurately in the Calculating Paychecks webinar series.

Beginning February 25, Calculating Paychecks helps payroll professionals better understand the requirements of payroll calculations. It is crucial education for entry-level payroll employees, employees with newly assigned payroll responsibilities, supervisors who are new to payroll, and those preparing for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exams. The four-part series is also available on demand.

Help ensure your company's compliance -- register for Calculating Paychecks today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPEs for each webinar attended.

Pay Employees Accurately,
on Time Every Time

APA addresses the compliance issues that must be conquered in order to pay employees accurately in its popular Wage and Hour Summit webinar series. Presented as four informative webinars, this is an online series that every payroll and HR professional needs in order to better understand the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and State Wage-Hour requirements.

Beginning March 31, participants will navigate wage and hour issues as they answer questions regarding who is exempt from wage and hour laws; what calculations are required for overtime pay; and when an employee must be compensated for not working -- and all from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Gain a deeper understanding of how the FLSA and state requirements govern your pay processes -- register for Wage and Hour Summit now!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPEs for each webinar attended.

Master Reconciliations With
This Informative Webinar

Make your professional life easier by designing and improving reconciliation procedures for payroll, payments to third parties, and the general ledger with the webinar, "Reduce Payroll Problems With Reconciliations."

Presented live on March 11, the webinar will teach attendees to identify what payroll elements should be reconciled, how often reconciliations should be performed, and what sources should be used.

Learn to identify key processes that require reconciliation -- register for this webinar today!

Earn up to 1.5 RCHs, 0.15 CEU, or 1.5 CPEs for attending this webinar.

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