Make the Most of Your 401(k)

On August 31, learn how your organization's 401(k) impacts your payroll processing during "401(k) Plans: What You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask."

This comprehensive, 90-minute webinar will address how your company's 401(k) plan integrates with your payroll process and highlight the most recent changes to the 401(k) regulations and the complications they will create for your payroll process.

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Discover the Recipe for
Fruitful Cafeteria Plans

Are you craving knowledge regarding how your Section 125 cafeteria plans impact payroll? Find out what can and can't be offered in your plan as well as how it impacts processing with "Making Cafeteria Plans as Easy as Pie." On September 1, learn how recent changes in the law impact your cafeteria plan. By attending this webinar, you will learn what benefits can be provided, how health care reform affects your cafeteria plan, and the ingredients that make up a compliant plan.

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Avoid Auditing Headaches

Between internal and external audits, the auditing process never seems to end for the payroll department. Employ procedures to identify and correct compliance problems early in the process with "Payroll Auditing Techniques."

Scheduled for September 7, this comprehensive webinar will cover how to define a population by using sampling techniques, how to interpret the results, and what risk factors to consider in your self-audit process.

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Compliance TV - August

Compliance TV is your source for payroll compliance news.

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