Only Weeks Left to
Apply for Prism Award

If your organization has improved business practices and overall processes over the last year, you could very well could be the recipient of a 2015 Payroll Prism Award, AP Prism Award, or Shared Services Award. Obtaining such an award not only helps your department garner industry-wide recognition, but it proves your employees' worth to company officials, too.

Now is the time to send in your nomination for the 2015 Prism Awards for best practices. Companies of all sizes are welcome to nominate their departments, and any department involved in payroll, finance, or accounting is eligible.

The 2015 Prism Awards will be presented to innovative payroll departments that exhibit best practices in four distinct categories:

  • Technology
  • Management
  • Processes
  • Overall Best Practices
Download the Payroll Prism Awards nomination form to enter, or do the same for the AP Prism Award, and the Shared Services Award. All nominations are due by July 7, 2015.

The 2015 Payroll Prism Awards winners are chosen by the subcommittee chairs of APA's Strategic Payroll Leadership Task Force (SPLTF). The AP Prism Award winner and the Shared Services Award winner are chosen by the subcommittee chairs of APA's Strategic Accounts Payable Leadership Task Force (SAPLTF) and the Shared Services Task Force (SSTF), respectively. All awards will be presented at APA's Fall Forum, scheduled for September 23-25 in Orlando. Contact Jim Medlock, CPP, Director of Education and Training at APA, for additional information on the Prism Awards.

Catch Up on Payroll
Tax Compliance Changes

Payroll Tax Forum is APA's mid-year update that includes the latest payroll compliance changes coming from Congress and federal agencies. This one-day program will prepare you to deal proactively with the details of these changes and keep your organization in compliance.

Held nationwide through the end of June, this year's program will cover topics such as burdensome new paycard rules, ACA reporting mandates, accelerated W-2 filing proposals, and what the DOL has in mind for updating the white collar overtime exemptions.

Payroll Tax Forum is also offered as a four-part webinar series. Participants can expect the same insightful information from the one-day course delivered in four convenient, live and on demand webinars.

Understand how to change payroll processes to ensure compliance with regulatory guidance -- register for Payroll Tax Forum now!

Garnish Wages,
Maintain Compliance

Beginning nationwide August 10, APA's Garnishments Forum will provide payroll professionals with a detailed overview of both federal and state garnishment laws and their impact on the payroll process.

Attendees of this one-day course will learn which order has priority when you receive multiple orders, how to handle out-of-state orders, how to calculate the amount to withhold from the employee's pay, and much more. Also available as a four-part live webinar series and a webinar on demand series, Garnishments Forum informs attendees about how to apply different federal and state regulations to ensure compliance.

Learn to calculate disposable earnings for child support, creditor garnishment, and other orders -- register for Garnishments Forum today!

It Pays to Know

During the Civil War, U.S. government paymasters were ordered to deduct and withhold 3% from annual salaries exceeding $600. This is said to be the first time that taxes were withheld from earnings upon payment, a practice that was discontinued after the war.

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Your June Crossword
Solution Now Available

Your June PAYTECH crossword puzzle answers are now available. Crosswords are published bimonthly in PAYTECH, with subsequent answers available in that month's PAYTECHonline.

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