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Free Congress Registration,
Payroll Training for a Year

The Education Grants, founded in 1992, are designed to encourage professional growth through the APA's payroll training and educational offerings. These grants are presented each year to outstanding members of the Association in recognition of their professional and personal commitment to continuing education. Some of the top awards include free payroll training for an entire year, including registration, round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations (up to five nights) for the 34th Annual Congress in Nashville (APA must approve travel itinerary).

APA sponsors six of the grants, while Global Cash Card and Empower sponsor two of their own. The grants are as follows:

  • APA Complete Payroll Training Package
  • Two APA Course/Conference Grants
  • Three The Payroll Source® Grants
  • Global Cash Card Payroll Education Grant
  • Global Cash Card Payroll Publication Grant
  • Empower Software Payroll Education Grant
  • Empower Software Payroll Education Grant
In addition, the APA will award a 2016 Accounts Payable Education Grant that includes registration, round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations to the 34th Annual Congress, registration for all AP webinars for one year, and APA's Guide to Accounts Payable.

Grant recipients will be recognized at the 34th Annual Congress in May.

Fast-track your professional growth -- apply for the 2016 Education Grants!

Last day to apply is February 16 -- apply now.

Member Resource Answers
Top Payroll Questions

Get answers to a year's worth of tough payroll questions with Top Payroll Questions & Answers for 2015, a free, members-only resource provided by the APA and Xerox.

Compiled through the input of experts from federal government agencies as well as APA members, this free eBook contains helpful responses to the top payroll questions in the industry over the last year. It covers topics such as income tax withholding and reporting, unemployment insurance, pay deductions and garnishments, and more!

Perplexed by wage-hour laws? Answer your questions with your free copy!

Hotline Referral Committee
Answers Tough Payroll Questions

The hotline is a real-time, up-to-date benefit for any of your payroll questions. With the changing of calendars comes the changing of laws, policies, and forms. Avoid mistakes this year.

APA provides members two ways to get questions answered:

  1. Visit the hotline page and click the link to Submit Question to Online Hotline.
  2. Call Membership Services at 210-224-6406 to get a referral to a Hotline volunteer.
For more information on how to achieve your best in 2016, visit Membership Services FAQ.

Track Last Year's Salary Movement

You can get the inside scoop on how economic trends affected salaries and compensation in the Payroll Profession with the 2015 Survey of Salaries and the Payroll Profession, a PDF download available to you through your APA membership. Get an overview of payroll trends and technology, operations, management, and costs within payroll departments nationwide.

The APA commissioned Amplitude Research, Inc. to conduct a survey of its members to learn more about member organizations, payroll staff, and current salaries in 2015. More than 4,000 were surveyed, and nearly 1,300 responded.

Maximize the value of your membership and download now.

It Pays to Know

In the 1920s, as paper paychecks started replacing cash for wage payment, workers complained of difficulty in cashing their "large" checks. In response, some companies issued several smaller checks in each pay envelope, which made it easier for employees to cash them.

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Source: The History of Payroll in the U.S.


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