Book Bundle
Builds Payroll Knowledge

Take payroll's comprehensive resource text, The Payroll Source, combine it with two volumes that contain the payroll-related sections of applicable federal laws and regulations, and what do you get? You get one bookshelf packed with payroll power.

APA's Book Combo includes The Payroll Source, Federal Payroll Tax Laws and Regulations, and Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws and Regulations. It is the perfect resource for keeping your company in compliance.

Federal Payroll Tax Payroll Laws and Regulations contains the exact language of payroll-related sections of the Internal Revenue Code and IRS Regulations.

A perfect companion to Federal Payroll Tax Laws and Regulations, Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws and Regulations allows you to quickly reference the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Social Security Act, the DOL white collar exemption regulations, and more.

Beef up your payroll library -- order your Book Combo Today.

Confidently Screen Job Candidates

When there's an open position on the payroll team, many managers like to get personally involved in the hiring process. They want to review the applicants' qualifications, check out their references, and interview them once or twice in the process of making an informed decision.

Savvy managers also like to get a second opinion on the candidates from a neutral third party: APA's Payroll Knowledge Assessment. The assessments are effective tools for screening all job candidates, but they are especially valuable for sizing up applicants who do not hold a payroll certification. They can just as easily reveal a knowledgeable individual as they can detect those with gaps in their knowledge. For assessing payroll knowledge, there are three levels of assessment:

  • Concepts and Terms
  • Fundamental and Payroll Practices
  • Compliance, Administration, and Operations
Each online assessment allots one hour to answer 50 questions, testing current levels of knowledge in six core areas:
  • Payroll fundamentals and operations
  • Fundamentals for calculation of paychecks
  • Tax and regulatory compliance
  • Accounting
  • Payroll and supporting systems
  • Management and administration
Add an integral piece to your hiring process -- purchase your Payroll Knowledge Assessments today!

It Pays to Know

Brink's Express Company had its first payroll robbery in 1917. Six years later, Brink's began using armored cars.

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Source: The History of Payroll in the U.S.


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