Prism Award Winners, Two
New Tracks at Fall Forum

Each year, the APA announces its Prism Award winners at Fall Forum. This year's three-day event, held September 21-23 in Las Vegas, will not only showcase this year's winners, it will inspire payroll perfection through world-class sessions and two amazing new certificate programs.

The new Lean Labor payroll track helps companies make organizational improvements that hadn't been considered previously. This interactive track will help review business processes, identify which methods empower your team, and help eliminate wasteful tasks.

Whether you're looking for a vendor to help with payroll processes, time and attendance rules, or changing benefits processes, a meaningful relationship between your organization and the vendor is crucial. The new Managing Vendor Partnerships track will give you insight, tools, and tips on how to create those ideal partnerships.

Discover what makes the world's top payroll and accounts payable organizations successful -- register for Fall Forum.

3 Things You Need to Know
About Local Income Tax

Gain insight into the procedures and legal hurdles encountered when withholding local taxes with APA's Local Income Tax Compliance (LITC). nationwide September 12, this seminar will address local taxes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, and Maryland, among other states.

This year, the most pressing topics pertain to:

  1. Pennsylvania's EIT collection system and how it really works
  2. Kentucky's e-filing access and its standardization of local forms
  3. Municipal income tax reform in Ohio
Avoid penalties when withholding income tax -- register for LITC today!

Develop a Payroll
Framework This July

APA's Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program is an important first step in payroll education. This July, pay pros will have three times the opportunity to take that first step.

On July 11, 18, and 25 in San Antonio, participants will begin a weeklong quest to establish a foundational knowledge of payroll. The Payroll 101 program provides a thorough overview of the laws and regulations that affect payroll. Attendees will gain practical experience through hands-on, computer-based exercises that allow participants to work through the payroll forms and calculations they will face in daily operations.

Payroll 101 attendees will also have the opportunity to take the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) exam at the end of this course. A unique distinction, the FPC designation demonstrates an individual's baseline of payroll competency.

Boost your career with essential payroll know-how -- register for Payroll 101 in July!

Improve Your Payroll Fundamentals

An in-person version of its Virtual Classroom counterpart, Payroll Practice Essentials is a three-day program that offers the payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities required to produce accurate paychecks, ensure payroll compliance, and improve job performance.

During three classes in July, attendees will engage in fundamental pay calculations through hands-on exercises and complex pay calculations and concepts. The knowledge they gain will also be helpful in preparing for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) exam and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam.

Improve your baseline knowledge of payroll -- register for Payroll Practice Essentials!


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