Learn From the Comfort
of Your Office

Join us for our 8th Annual Virtual Congress & Expo, an online companion to the American Payroll Association's Annual Congress. Free to APA members, this event features two live days of exclusive industry-led educational workshops and two General Sessions, all without leaving the office. Virtual Congress is present live May 24-25 and on demand through August 25.

Additional opportunities this year include earning up to 15 RCHs, a full-service Expo Hall to visit with exclusive payroll vendors, a networking lounge with multiple chat boards, video highlights from the 35th Annual Congress in Orlando, and more.

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Top-Notch Training
for Payroll Pros at All Levels

APA's Learning Progression Series will elevate your payroll knowledge with courses designed for every stage in your career. Payroll practitioners in the early stages of their careers, along with accounting, benefits, bookkeeping, HR administrators, anyone interfacing with payroll, and those preparing for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exams, will receive essential concepts to enhance their career objectives.

The virtual online courses include:

  • Payroll Practice Essentials
  • Intermediate Payroll Concepts
  • Advanced Payroll Concepts and
  • Strategic Payroll Practices
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Unleash Your Inner Leader

The Strategic Leadership Certificate Program prepares payroll and accounts payable professionals with the insights, skills, and strategies to uncover the powerful leader within. It's a unique course that focuses on many qualities of effective leaders including awareness of self and others, effective communication, and relationship building.

The learning objectives will include the following:

  • Understand the concept of leadership and the four distinct leadership styles
  • Align vision with organization goals
  • Build effective relationships with different personality types
  • Explore the eight-step decision-making process
This program also provides hands-on classroom training that will help participants to develop leadership, learn how to communicate their vision and align with the strategy of the organization and how to build effective relationships with different personality types.

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