Learn the Ins and Outs
of Higher Ed Payroll Issues

The Educational Institutions Payroll Conference (EIPC) is APA's annual conference that focuses entirely on payroll in the higher education community.

Scheduled for October 18-21 at Le Meridien in Charlotte, N.C., this three-and-a-half-day conference will address nonresident alien payroll taxation, visas, employment eligibility, the student FICA exception, fringe benefits, FLSA issues, and much more. Attendees will network with their peers as they learn about the latest compliance issues and best practices that impact colleges and universities across the nation.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues who face the same higher education payroll challenges -- register for EIPC!

Plan for Year-End Preparation

APA's popular Preparing for Year-End series ramps up this year with 50 in-person classes nationwide beginning in October. The course is designed to reduce the risk of noncompliance penalties by addressing the complex compliance issues of year-end payroll processing.

Preparing for Year-End and 2016 will deliver up-to-date information on the latest changes in legislation and regulations that will affect your processes as you close out 2015 and begin 2016. The topics that will be covered during this course feature year-end processing tips, year-end forms, fringe benefit taxation and reporting, and implementing new tax laws and regulations.

Beginning October 29, Preparing for Year-End and 2016 will also be available as a four-part webinar series. Attendees will receive the same great year-end training in a convenient format they can watch from home or the office. The webinars will be available on demand November 11.

It's never too early to plan for year-end -- register for Preparing for Year-End and 2016 today!

Maintain Cross-Border
Compliance This Season

Meet the challenges of year-end processing for Canadian payrolls and learn how to avoid cross-border noncompliance penalties with APA's Canadian Payrolls Preparing for Year-End and 2016.

Beginning November 10, this one-day seminar will provide guidelines for Canadian year-end processing, from closing 2015 to what will be required in 2016. The topics covered in this course include changes in federal and provincial tax rates, tax filing requirements, where and when to file returns, and completing the T4, T4A, and RL1 slips. The course will also be conducted as a four-part live webinar series beginning December 2.

Understand changes to Canadian Pension Plan rates -- register today!

Buck Complex Tax Topics With Strategic Payroll Practices

Strategic Payroll Practices (SPP) is a two-day course that provides insightful perspectives on complex payroll taxation topics, operational effectiveness, employee development, emerging technologies, and other issues.

The last in-person course of 2015, held August 31 through September 1 in Orlando, will cover topics such as understanding and identifying the effectiveness of payroll operations, managing change in a payroll operation, ensuring proper taxation of executive compensation, and understanding payroll business continuity plans.

Learn to manage change in your payroll operation -- register for this course!

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