Submit Your Questions for Federal
Agencies to Answer at Congress

Do you have a tough payroll question best answered by a federal agency? Send it to APA so that we can ask it during a Forum on Federal Payroll Issues session at the 2018 Annual Congress.

Each year at our Annual Congress, APA members have the opportunity to pose questions directly to representatives of federal agencies. Experts from the federal Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), Social Security Administration (SSA), and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be on hand to answer the most perplexing questions about how federal law should be applied to the trickiest payroll situations.

Through the years the DOL's Wage and Hour Division has provided APA members with explanations on how various laws apply to specific occurrences in the workplace, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, which regulates the federal minimum wage, overtime, and child labor standards; the Family and Medical Leave Act; the Davis Bacon Act; the Consumer Credit Protection Act; and more.

Each year, the IRS clarifies a host of tax issues covering everything from the taxability of employer-provided benefits to worker classification to federal tax levies and everything in between. If you're curious to know whether your employer plan is in compliance, this is the perfect place to ask the question.

SSA can answer a wide variety of questions related to our social security system and the use of social security numbers. Wondering how to solve a name-number mismatch? Maybe you have questions about AccuWage, Business Services Online, or Consent Based Social Security Number Verification – this is the time to ask them.

OCSE says employers collect 75% of all the child support in the country, so if you have questions about child support withholding, it will have answers. This federal agency is often able to answer state-specific questions as they relate to income withholding orders (IWOs), verification of employment, and new hire reporting. Wondering if an IWO is regular on its face? Wondering what "regular on its face" even means? What's an SDU? What is IV-D? Let's ask OCSE if you need answers!

USCIS focuses on employment authorization in the United States. It can help with questions on the Form I-9, the use of E-Verify, and the variety of documents that offer proof of either identity or work authorization. It also has advice and answers regarding immigration-related employment discrimination.

Email your questions to [email protected] by February 28 (don't delay, send today!), so they can be forwarded to the panel for research and complete answers. To be there in person when your question is answered, register for the APA's 36th Annual Congress, being held May 15-19, 2018, in National Harbor, Maryland. Go to for more information.

Many of the questions and answers will be published in Payroll Currently. Those from 2017 appeared in a special report in Issue Nos. 7 and 8, Vol. 25.


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