APA Payroll Bands Make Their Rocking Debut

By Brandy Gaskins.

Payroll professionals, the unsung heroes of a company, aren't staying quiet much longer. At the 2017 Congress, thousands of payroll professionals will come together in perfect harmony to show that payroll rocks the world. To prove just how much payroll professionals rock, the APA has created the "Battle of the Payroll Bands" competition. We've taken 15 members of the APA and transformed them into five uniquely awesome bands

This month, the five bands are making their big stage debut with the unveiling of their unique band look. Their first challenge explores the important workplace skill of presentation and making a great first impression.

Like the epic musical reality shows "The Voice" or "American Idol," YOU, the payroll audience, have the power to decide the fate of the competitors. Visit the Annual Congress Facebook page to cast your vote for your favorite band's album cover.

Find out who your troupe of superstars are below. See all of the band's awesome album covers and vote daily between now and December 31 for your favorite on the Annual Congress Facebook page.

Band Name: De Minimis Dragon
Band Members:
Dee Byrd, CPP
John Hunt, CPP
Natalie Lopez, CPP

Band Name: HYPO
Michael Schoelles, CPP
Michelle Clawson, CPP
Valery Noakes, CPP

Band Name: The Iconics
CJ Easterling, CPP
Shantale Richardson, CPP
Timothy Walstrum, CPP

Band Name: Money Pool
Dick Holihan Jr., CPP
John Lestock, CPP
Susan Baptista, CPP

Band Name: Pay Maniacs
Bonetta Bond, FPC
Pamela Lachaussie, CPP
Trina Adams, CPP

Visit the Annual Congress Facebook page for more details and to cast your vote in the first found of the 'Battle fo the Payroll Bands" competition. Vote once per day now through December 31.

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