APA Payroll Bands Aim
to Top the Charts

At the 2017 Congress, the APA wants to prove just how much payroll professionals rock. We've taken 15 members of the APA and transformed them into five uniquely awesome bands for the "Battle of the Payroll Bands" competition.

Visit the
Annual Congress Facebook page for more details and to cast your vote in the second round of the "Battle of the Payroll Bands" competition. Vote once per day now through January 31.

This month, each band of superstars was tasked with adapting a popular song with its own unique payroll spin. Our teams' second challenge in the competition explores the important workplace skill of presentation.

Band De Minimis Dragon is feeling confident moving into the second challenge after its first-place win in the December Team Look challenge. With 721 votes, De Minimis Dragon nabbed bragging rights, but bands HYPO, The Iconics, Money Pool, and the PayManiacs are determined to give it a run for its money this January. Which band's song will be the next chart-topper? Cast your vote today and find out the winner in the February edition of PAYTECHonline.

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