New Congress Today Blog to Detail Your Congress Experience

By Kiko Martinez

Attendees planning to be at the 35th Annual Congress in Orlando, Florida, in May can look forward to having more convention news.

This year, the APA and its Membership Publications Department are adding an online blog,, to the mix, so attendees can use their smart phones, laptops, and other devices to read about the exciting events taking place at Congress in real-time.

"We wanted to give our Congress attendees a way to get their news in a timelier manner during the conference," said Christine Avery, Senior Managing Editor of Membership Publications for the APA. "The new blog also gives those who were unable to make Congress the opportunity to get the latest announcements online."

Along with photos, messages on award recipients, and updates from Congress, new resources that will be available on the blog include videos, anniversary photo galleries, access to sponsor websites, up-to-the-minute announcements, and post-session articles on some of the workshops and special keynote speakers.

The Congress Today blog will be updated every day from May 15 (the day before Congress starts) until the final day of Congress on May 20.

That doesn't mean, however, that the APA is stopping the presses. The award-winning, well-known daily conference newspaper, Congress Today, will still be available in hard-copy form for three days, May 17-19, during the five-day conference (May 16-20). The newspaper will sport a new look with enhancements to include exclusive photos of conference events along with convention information to help attendees. Copies will be available on the Congress Today newsstands throughout the event space.

Bookmark now, and visit the blog on May 15 for the first of many postings throughout the week.

Kiko Martinez is Associate Editor of Membership Publications for the APA.

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