Certification Dreams
Become a Reality With PayTrain

By Tania Bunik

These days, dedicated, long-term employees are hard to find, and companies don't always invest in staff in ways that will keep them around. Sue DiEmidio, CPP, has a different story; one in which an appreciative employer rewards dedication and loyalty.

Twenty-five years ago, DiEmidio started her career with Virtua Health, a comprehensive nonprofit health system headquartered in New Jersey. She spent her early years in AP and payroll. As the company grew, the departments split and she stayed with payroll. Today, her department manages payroll for nine companies and 8,900 employees under Virtua's umbrella.

DiEmidio considered earning the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation many times over the years, but the timing was never right. The decision was ultimately made easy for her when she was promoted to payroll supervisor. Along with the promotion came a stipulation that she earn the CPP designation within two years. Virtua agreed to cover the costs of her training and certification, and this became the incentive she needed to pursue her goal.

While considering the different exam preparation options, DiEmidio came across information on APA's PayTrain® web-based program and the instructor-assisted self-study option. It was a perfect fit giving her the option to study at night and on weekends without disrupting her work schedule. She considered other options, but the PayTrain instructor-assisted option was the most convenient and affordable program, plus it allowed the opportunity to have APA instructors answer her questions.

"I looked at several programs, but I was trying to be a good steward for my company's resources," she explained. "I went with the one that appealed to me most. I could do it on my own, and it was cost-effective."

PayTrain's instructor-assisted option blends printed reading materials with an interactive, web-based payroll training and certification preparation program, giving users the ability to communicate with fellow students using a discussion board and to have APA instructors answer their questions. The online component includes the same material found in the printed material, including exercises, quizzes, and games.

Through the OnTrack game, PayTrain reinforces the materials learned at the end of each lesson. Its exercises, called "Excursions" and "Whistle Stops," reinforce materials at the end of each module, while Grand Tours reinforce material from the entire module. These exercises help users apply concepts learned in the printed materials through job-based scenarios. Once the seven modules have been completed, "The Great Train Robbery" and "Workin' on the Railroad" games provide an entertaining but challenging review of the topics covered in the entire course.

Like a true payroll professional, DiEmidio carefully planned out her study schedule to maximize her chances of passing the exam.

"I found it was better to start six months before and I did a little each week," she explained. "Then, at four months, I really stepped it up. PayTrain guided me through the whole process with weekly emails describing what I should be studying each week."

Once again, DiEmidio's hard work and dedication paid off. She took the CPP exam in October and passed!

"PayTrain helped me to attain my CPP, which was needed for my new role as supervisor," she said. "Now I can better serve my company and customers. PayTrain is the most comprehensive learning tool available and really prepares you for the CPP exam. You not only learn but you have fun doing it with the different games. It's definitely worth the investment!"

For more than 25 years, PayTrain has helped thousands of exceptional payroll professionals prepare to pass the CPP exam, stay up to date on the most recent developments in payroll legislation, elevate their job performance, boost their earning potential, and advance their careers.

Visit for more information about the PayTrain program and to try a free demo.

Tania Bunik is a Marketing Manager for Holmes Corporation.

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