Chapter President Profile:
Donna Carsno, CPP, Utah Chapter

Donna Carsno, CPP, was initially interested in helping the Utah Chapter grow its membership.

"Through the natural progression, I grew to evolve into the leadership role as President," she said. "I have surrounded myself with incredible people who share the same vision for the Utah Chapter."

As Chapter President, Carsno's priority is to ensure the continued educational growth of Utah Chapter members. The chapter holds informative meetings six times a year and holds an annual Statewide Conference. This year's conference was held on October 20 and was themed "Paycation: Having Fun With Payroll!" The chapter also offers study groups to members interested in obtaining their payroll certification.

Carsno has concentrated on chapter growth by heavily focusing on word-of-mouth references to recruit and engage new members. The chapter also uses direct email blasts as a marketing channel. The Utah Chapter is unique because the chapter covers a large geographical area.

"We are able to bring together members from distances far and near," Carsno said.

The Utah Chapter is involved in community service projects. This year, chapter members collected donations for the Utah Humane Society.

For Carsno, bringing in new members is the greatest reward of serving as Chapter President.

"I enjoy bringing in new members who can fully realize what the APA has to offer," she said.

Carsno's future goals for the chapter include continued chapter growth and an even higher level of participant involvement.

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