Chapter President Profile:
Yolande' Williams, Tallahassee Chapter

Yolande' Williams is excited to take on the challenging but rewarding role of Chapter President of the Tallahassee Chapter, which recently became APA's newest affiliated chapter. Yolande', Payroll Manager for the City of Tallahassee, was motivated to found a local chapter in Tallahassee after attending her first APA Congress in 2016.

"For the first time in my career, I realized in payroll I am more than just a back office process or a button-pusher," Yolande' says. "I was a payroll professional, and at the 2016 APA Congress, I was amongst over 2,000 other payroll professionals who inspired me."

She began researching how to start a local chapter and realized it would take more than just one person to get the chapter going.

Fast forward to the 2017 APA Congress, and Yolande' met several other payroll professionals who shared her interest in starting a local chapter.

"With the nearest local APA chapter 2½ hours east of Tallahassee, we all felt with us being in the capital of Florida, there are enough resources and payroll professionals in the area to establish a local APA chapter here in Tallahassee," Yolande' explained. "Payroll professionals here are in need of a place where they can network with other payroll professionals as well as receive valuable payroll education. We knew we had to forge on and begin the process for chapter affiliation for the Tallahassee Chapter. On June 29, 2017, we accomplished this goal."

In a short time, the founding members have used their unique skills and abilities to make tremendous progress. Yolande' has a clear mission for the Tallahassee Chapter, which includes communicating to local businesses and organizations about the need and value for payroll related training and education.

"Payroll is one of the most important aspects of a business, yet it is the most misunderstood and, at times, underappreciated department within the organization," she says. "With many organizations either not able to send their payroll professionals to training or not seeing the value in providing ongoing training, we can provide payroll representation in our area."

As Chapter President, Yolande' feels a great responsibility to set the blueprint for future chapter presidents of the Tallahassee Chapter.

"Although I wear many hats in my professional career, my true passion is nurturing, equipping and empowering other payroll professionals to walk in their professional destiny by providing effective training and instructions on how to apply successful payroll principles and best practices daily," she says.

She is focusing on the challenges of securing sponsors and funding, planning and leading chapter meetings, as well as developing a strategy to recruit and engage members. Yolande' mailed a Chapter Interest Letter and Survey to APA members in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. The Tallahassee Chapter is also using its website and Facebook page to engage and recruit new members. The Facebook page is updated on a weekly basis with payroll facts as well as chapter information. Current members are using word of mouth to spread the word in their professional circles about the Tallahassee Chapter and all the benefits it has to offer. Yolande' is looking forward to the chapter's first Open Member Meeting, which is projected for October 2017. The chapter is enjoyed celebrating National Payroll Week® by sharing fun facts about NPW on its website and Facebook page and by volunteering for National Money Matters Education Day.

Aside from building the Tallahassee Chapter from the ground up, Yolande' enjoys traveling, watching crime shows, and shopping on Amazon. She also enjoys spending as much time with her 21-year old son as he will allow his "dear mom." Some personal achievements for Yolande' include obtaining her MBA and being able to step outside of her comfort zone and network with others.

Tallahassee Chapter By Mart Brown, FPC

The newly created Tallahassee Chapter was founded by Yolande' Williams, Aquila Franklin, CPP, and me on June 29, 2017. I met Yolande' in Orlando at the 2017 Annual Congress, and the next day we decided we would spearhead an exciting project to create an APA local chapter in Tallahassee. After returning home to Tallahassee, I contacted Aquila and we three founders immediately went to work.

All the members and officers had the same answer when asked about the main purpose of their chapter: education and networking. There is a huge geographical gap between local chapters in the Southeast. While there is a chapter in Jacksonville, one would have to travel 350 miles north or 550 miles west before reaching another chapter. The Tallahassee Chapter wants to ensure that our colleagues in this region have access to education and help them establish a strong network they know they can turn to when they have questions.

The Tallahassee region has numerous businesses with hardworking payroll professionals who may have difficulty traveling for out-of-town conferences. We want those in the payroll profession to know they don't have to go it alone and that there are local resources available now.

The Tallahassee Chapter has just started to recruit new members and is excited to grow in size and intellectually with fellow payroll professionals.

"We intend to do emails and mail-outs, reaching out to payroll professionals in the North Florida and South Georgia region," Aquila said. "We hope to be able to offer the year-end course as in-house training this year."

The Tallahassee Chapter has high hopes for a solid chapter with a strong membership base within a few years, and we have the American Payroll Association supporting us wholeheartedly. The chapter is proud to be standing tall from its conception and has the heart to empower payroll professionals in Tallahassee.

Mary Brown, FPC, is the Treasurer for the Tallahassee Chapter and Payroll Specialist at Leon County Sheriff's Office

National Payroll Week Chapter Contests

Show your support, spirit, and dedication by participating in the 2017 NPW Chapter Contests. All winners and participants will receive a certificate and acknowledgment in the January 2018 edition of APA's PAYTECH magazine.

Entering the NPW Chapter Contests is simple! Please visit the National Payroll Week website and submit the completed Q&A required items to the Chapter Relations Department.

Deadline: September 27, 2017
Chapter Photo Contest
National Education Champions Contest
Educational Outreach and Community Service Chapter Contest
Local Media Outreach Chapter Contest
Local Government Outreach Chapter Contest
Individual Activity Contest
Online Survey Promotion Contest

Show off your chapter's spirit for the payroll profession and National Payroll Week by entering the 2017 NPW Online Survey Promotion Contest! We are looking for exemplary examples of promoting the survey through media outlets and also snapshots that captured your chapter's promotion and activity during NPW.

Please visit our website and download the entry forms to fill out the questions. We strongly encourage you to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions and include photos taken at the events.

Photos should be attached to the entry in JPEG format.

Questions? Contact the Chapter Relations Department at 210-226-4600.

2017 Statewide or Regional Meeting

Is your chapter organizing a Statewide or Regional Meeting? If so, please submit the Statewide or Regional Meeting Registration Form and submit it to the Chapter Relations Department. Your Statewide or Regional meeting will be advertised on the APA website and PAYTECHOnline. Plus, you will receive free promotional materials from APA.

For the most current list of 2017 Statewide or Regional Conferences, please visit the Chapter Section of APA's website.

2017 Chapter Study Groups

This year's costume contest was inspired by the flashy outfits of dozens of iconic rock stars and pop idols. Attendees participated by flaunting their show-stopping attire to depict their perception of rock concert apparel.

"This year's costume theme was the best so far," said Scott Timberman, CPP, Director of Payroll Services at Service Corporation International, and first-place winner of the Rockstar Legend contest. "I dressed as my all-time favorite rock idol and got to wear fake tattoos all day. I would love to see the participation increase because it is so much fun to dress up and compare costumes."

For the 35th Annual Congress, individuals and groups had the opportunity to participate in the following costume categories:

  • Rockstar Legend
  • Pop Superstar
  • Grungiest Grunge Attire
  • Most Chill Hip Hop Artist
  • Best Rock Group
  • Vendor-only Best Rock Group
This year marked the first year of the vendor-only section in the costume contest. Sparks flew as vendors Comdata and Greenshades Software competed against each other, with Comdata's band KISS emerging as the winner!

Carlana Livingstone, CPP, Payroll Manager at Auto Warehousing Company and first-place winner in the Best Rock Group with Jem and the Holograms, said, "I thought this year's costumes were great. I loved the 'Payroll Rocks the World' theme."

Livingstone suggests that others should consider dressing up for next year's costume contest as it gets people out of their comfort zones and into the mode of having a great time.

"I absolutely would suggest others dress up for next year's Costume Contest," said Abbey Moran, CPP, Treasury and HR Senior Manager for Nextlink Wireless, and third-place winner in the "Rockstar Legend" category. "The costume contest is always so friendly and intimate; you can really connect with others and have fun dressing up."

APA's Board of Advisors had a blast judging the costumes and deciding which participants ultimately rocked it out the most!

Chapter Memo:

NOT a Member of the APA?
Take Advantage of This Benefit Today!

APA's Chapter Relations will waive the $35 enrollment fee for a new APA membership to all chapter officers and chapter members. Submit the APA Membership Application to Chapter Relations or fax to 210-281-3976.


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