Don't Miss Chapter Awards,
Contests at 34th Annual Congress

Register for the 34th Annual Congress in Nashville to experience a wealth of chapter events, including:

Chapter Pictorials
Look for the monitors throughout the convention center during the week of Congress showcasing all of the creative and colorful local chapter pictorial presentations that were entered in the 2016 Chapter Pictorial Contest. Each unique photo montage slideshow reflects the activities and events APA's individual chapters participated in throughout 2015.

Chapter Hospitality Booth
Stop by and visit with chapter members from the Greater Nashville Chapter. Chapter members can tell you all the fun and exciting options Nashville has to offer for restaurants, shopping, and must-see local attractions. Plus, this host chapter gives away various prizes throughout the week. Stop by to receive a warm welcome and possibly plan your next big adventure.

Power Hour: Planning a
Chapter Meeting or One-Day Event

Elizabeth Herrera
John Lestock, CPP, CEBS
Gerald Whittmore, CPP
Tuesday, May 10
1:00 p.m.--2:00 p.m.
This session provides helpful tips for planning a successful chapter meeting or one-day event. Learn how to secure a venue for the meeting, contract a speaker, manage a budget, plan for food/beverage needs, and best market your meeting. Discover ways to organize your meetings for the year and solicit chapter volunteers for chapter meetings or events.

Chapter Exchange and Reception
Wednesday, May 11
6:30 p.m.--8:00 p.m.
This annual event is a grand opportunity to see what local chapter unity is all about. Dedicated payroll professionals from dozens of local chapters join together in this unique, interactive session. At this anticipated event, chapter members learn from each other and recognize achievement. Everyone finds out who won the coveted Chapter of the Year Award and other chapter contest awards. All attendees are encouraged to show your chapter spirit! Plus, meet APA's nine Regional Board of Advisors as they facilitate chapter--related discussions.

Costume Contest
Thursday, May 12
6:30 p.m.--7:30 p.m.
It's now or never--Go Big or Go Home at Donauinselfest! Show off your gaudy jewelry, gold glasses, and metallic tops to compete in the Costume Contest. Dress in your favorite European nightlife gear to flaunt your techno dance moves. Grab your best friend to dress as a disco-dancing duo, or let out your inner rock star. Have fun and start designing your costume for one of the following categories:

  • Most Metallic Gear - Wear your shiniest clothes to be the king or queen of metallic clothing!
  • Rocking Retro Wear - Pull out all of your neon clothing for this rocking contest category.
  • Insane Sunglasses - European Socialites love their insane sunglasses. The person with the craziest sunglasses wins the crown.
  • Best High Tea Attire - Gather your friends, fancy hats, and faux fur to toast the day with tea and crumpets.
  • Best Disco Duo - For this partner contest, you need to bring out your inner dancer. Will you be a DJs or ballroom dancers? It is up to you!
Join us on stage during the Expo Cocktail Reception. The Costume Contest begins at 7:00 p.m. sharp! Everyone is welcome to wear their costumes all day Thursday.

Chapter Workshop:
How to Organize and
Facilitate a Chapter Study Group

John Lestock, CPP, CEBS
Gerald Whittmore, CPP
Friday, May 13
11:00 a.m.--2:30 p.m.
Help your payroll peers study for the CPP/FPC exam while enhancing your own payroll knowledge. Join us to gather helpful hints and best practices for running a successful study group. Discover critical steps and logistical items to consider when organizing a study session and utilize the support provided by APA.

2016 Statewide
or Regional Meeting

Is your chapter organizing a statewide or regional meeting? If yes, please submit the statewide/regional conference registration form and submit it to the Chapter Relations Department. Your statewide or regional meeting will be advertised on the APA website and PAYTECHonline. Plus, you will receive free promotional materials from APA. For the most current list of 2016 Statewide or Regional Conferences, visit the chapter section of APA's website.

2016 Chapter Study Groups

Register your study group with the chapter relations department today by submitting the study group registration form and your study group will be advertised on the APA website and in PAYTECHonline. Plus, you will receive free study materials (see form for details).

For the most current list of 2016 Chapter Study Groups, visit APA's website.

Chapter President Profile
Tori Worley
Central Iowa Chapter

By Caren Bennett

When Tori Worley became President of the Central Iowa Chapter in August 2015, she looked to previous presidents for inspiration.

"There have been previous members who have provided great success for our chapter, and I wanted to be able to continue their success," she explains.

As Chapter President, Worley focuses on providing strong leadership and being a liaison between chapter members and the APA. Worley collaborates with the chapter's board to update its bylaws, and she works to ensure all members' needs are met by providing the most current education on payroll topics.

Worley is proud of the members who regularly demonstrate their commitment with their attendance. Members come from all over the area.

"Some members travel around 150 miles to come to our meetings! Our chapter is large, and our cost to join is very minimal," she explains.

Worley wants to continue to grow the chapter and encourage more participation in monthly meetings.

"We are currently working to participate in the Iowa Employment Conference, which will help us reach out to small businesses and let them know who we are," she says.

The Central Iowa Chapter demonstrates its interest in the communities of Iowa this month by collecting donations for its local Animal Rescue League during its April meeting.

"We have adopted families with the Children's Cancer Connection and collected gas gift cards for the Dress for Success charity," Worley says.

Last year, she helped make the "Payroll Superhero" state conference a success. But 2016 is extra special. The Central Iowa Chapter celebrates its 30th anniversary as a chapter! Worley anticipates the statewide conference in September will be extra special.

Worley does many things as Chapter President, but she most enjoys meeting new people and staying up to date on the latest information in payroll.

"I continue to learn each and every month on new experiences within our chapter," she explains.

Her role as Chapter President presented her with rewarding experiences in leadership.

Worley takes her Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam this month. She loves spending time with her family, especially her two children who keep her busy when she is not working.


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