APA Welcomes
Chippewa Valley Chapter

By Liz Herrera

Please welcome the Chippewa Valley Chapter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The chapter is off to a great start with 10 chapter members.

"I am excited for the opportunity to have an APA chapter in the Chippewa Valley," said Maria Roberts, Chippewa Valley Chapter Secretary and Payroll and Benefits Specialist at KMTSJ Inc. "The closest Wisconsin chapter to me is three hours away, which makes it difficult to network in our local community. My hope is that this chapter will draw in other payroll specialists in the area to expand our networking and education opportunities."

The new chapter officers look to expand their membership and bring educational, networking and professional development opportunities to payroll practitioners in their community. They are also very eager to work with fellow Wisconsin chapters to promote the statewide conferences.

"I am honored to be a part of the newest Wisconsin chapter," said Amanda Schaefer, Human Resources Coordinator at Silver Spring Foods and the Chippewa Valley Chapter President. "I look forward to working with my outstanding fellow founding members in providing support, education, and camaraderie for Chippewa Valley payroll professionals."

This will be the fourth chapter in Wisconsin and the first APA chapter affiliated in 2016

Chapter President
Amanda Schaefer, CPP
Human Resources Coordinator
Silver Spring Foods

Contact the Chapter President

Maria Roberts, CPP
Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Leadership Summit Offers
Steps to a Thriving Chapter

The American Payroll Association and its Chapter Relations Department are proud to present the 2016 Chapter Leadership Summit!

The 2016 Chapter Leadership Summit is a time to network with fellow local chapter officers from across the country to discover useful and important information to organize a successful chapter. On October 14-15, 2016, chapter officers will have a day-and-a-half to network, lead, and motivate each other at MEET Las Vegas.

Register today!

Creativity Flourishes at the
2016 Congress Chapter Contests

By Arianna Theodoss

During the Chapter Exchange at the 34th Annual Congress in Nashville, many chapters came out on top in one of the five Chapter Contests. The room was filled with excitement as many chapters received the coveted awards. After the award ceremony, the winners gave us some great advice to share with other chapters to help win the 2017 Chapter Contests.

Chapter of the Year
Chicago Chapter

"Winning Chapter of the Year was absolutely a shock and totally exhilarating!" said chapter Vice President Kathy Mizejewski, CPP, GBA, who owns KLM Enterprises. "Our chapter board works very hard to bring our members together for education, recertification, and community services. Our board's teamwork truly gels when we bring our members the best CPP/FPC review courses, chapter meetings, and events to assist those in the community who are less fortunate. We have a lot of fun working very hard to bring the best of the best to our members. We humbly accept the COTY, which says the Chicago Chapter is the best of the best. We are so very appreciative."

2016 Chapters' Choice Winner
Northstar Chapter

"Our main strategy is to win!" said Dorothy Hagan, CPP, Payroll Director at Luther Automotive Group and Membership Coordinator for the Northstar Chapter. "We accomplish this by sending an email every day to our members. We include the stats of where the rest of the chapters rank each day, which engages our competitive spirit."

2016 Best Chapter Website Contest Winners
Alamo Chapter of the APA took home first place in this category. Its website expresses the personality of the chapter located in San Antonio, and who doesn't love its mascot, Allymo?

"Having a chapter mascot is unique," said Sheri Lewis, CPP, Payroll Manager for HVHC, Inc., and President of the Alamo Chapter of the APA. "We also have a board member serving as our webmaster, which helps to keep the chapter website maintained and current with our events. The board had been working on ways to get our chapter out in the business community more and had been working to update our website, but had not yet rolled it out, so to win on the current website without all the changes we were planning was so exciting."

2016 Best Statewide or Regional Meeting Contest Winners
Greater Nashville Chapter, East Tennessee Payroll Association, Chattanooga Chapter, and Memphis Chapter took home first place in this contest. "Payroll Round-Up" proved to be a blast, and it showed. "The theme was a fun one with a wealth of opportunity to follow through on 'Payroll-Round U' being in Nashville with all the country/western events and activities," said Lisa Wachter, CPP, Director of Payroll, Dollar General Corporation, and Membership Coordinator for the Greater Nashville Chapter. "The education was top-notch as well, helping draw in the attendees. We had great sponsorship. Vendors are willing to sponsor when they know they will have numerous opportunities to speak with decision-makers from companies all over the state of Tennessee. Because the board is made up of members from each of the four Tennessee APA chapters, we have insight into each chapter and are able to work with chapters to help promote the APA and grow their membership while providing quality education through the statewide event, taking pressure off of the local chapters for planning purposes."

2016 Chapter Pictorial Contest Winners
Houston Chapter won first place for showing off its chapter's journey. The theme of the pictorial was spot on with the Congress theme. Here is some advice the Houston Chapter offers for other chapters wanting to submit an entry in the future. "We think that all chapters should enter the contest to give everyone attending Congress an overall view of their chapter's activities," said Karen Davidson, CPP, Deputy Assistant Director for the City of Houston and Treasurer of the Houston Chapter. "Make sure to take photos at all chapter events and activities such as community service, NPW, CPP/FPC study groups, monthly meetings, statewide meetings, award ceremonies, and Congress. Not only do the photos help build the pictorial, but they document your chapter's events, which become a part of the chapter's history and legacy. Secondly, use minimal wording for your slideshow, just basic headers and footers on each slide. Let the photos provide a visualization of your chapter's journey and accomplishments during the year. Be very creative with the photos by showing both the fun and serious sides of your chapter and your members."

Arianna Theodoss is Chapter Relations Coordinator for the APA.

Take the NPW Survey Today!

Give your opinion and win! APA's giving away a free paycheck and a trip for two to Las Vegas just for your feedback on important payroll topics!

Every person who takes the 2016 Getting Paid In America" survey will be enterted for a chance to win.

Participate in NPW's
Chapter Promotion Contest

Encourage your colleagues and chapter members to support the payroll profession by purchasing 2016 NPW merchandise during the 2016 Chapter Promotion Contest.

To gain credit toward your chapter's NPW purchase total, ensure your chapter's name is selected from the NPW store dropdown menu. These contributions will help support the national NPW campaign and will help your chapter become a winning promoter of NPW 2016!

Deadline: August 26, 2016

Questions? Contact the Chapter Relations Department at 210-226-4600

Chapter Workshop, Power
Hour Were Twice as Nice

By Arianna Theodoss

Two former members of the Board of Advisors shared helpful tips with chapter officers and members on the topics of organizing chapter meetings and chapter study groups during this year's Annual Congress Chapter Workshop and Power Hour.

In the Power Hour workshop session, "Planning a Chapter Meeting or One-Day Event," Gerald Whittmore, CPP, Vice President of Payroll at Xerox Business Services, and John Lestock, CPP, CEBS, Senior Accountant at Lake Washington Partners, provided helpful tips for planning a successful event. Topics included ways to budget, food/beverage needs, and how to promote the meeting.

"We had a few attendees ask questions about getting speakers or getting more volunteers to help out," Lestock said. "The attendees had excellent advice and suggestions to share with each other. This made our workshop even more interactive and valuable."

In the Chapter Workshop "How to Organize and Facilitate a Chapter Study Group," attendees learned helpful hints and critical steps to consider when organizing a study session.

"In both sessions, I felt like we were a community of local chapter volunteers collaborating and sharing information," Lestock said. "The chapter leaders have a lot invested in their local chapters, their memberships, and their FPC/CPP certifications. They fully intend to preserve and maintain their investment."

The two workshops offered great information to officers and members to help their chapters succeed.

Arianna Theodoss is Chapter Relations Coordinator for the APA.

Tips, Tricks for
Winning NPW Contests

To help out with the NPW contest entries, the Chapter Relations Department wants to give you some helpful tips on how to answer the questions, how to prepare the contest entry, and what the judges are looking for to better your chances at winning.

First, answer all the questions on the NPW contest flier. The judges are looking for numbers, goals, and explanations of the event with details, photos, and captions. If you keep those main points in mind when creating your contest entry, you will have a better chance at becoming an NPW Contest winner.

Second, photos are the judges' best friend when reviewing your entries. The photos help put the judges at your event. Photos speak for themselves; the more you include, the better. Also, the Chapter Relations Department may use your photos for future NPW features in PAYTECH, PAYTECHonline, or email broadcasts.

One way that you can ensure to have photos of every event is to delegate someone to be the photographer for the event. The more photos you submit, the better.

Next, in the new age of social media, it is extremely beneficial to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is a critical resource to use when trying to promote your events. Newspapers, radio stations, news stations, and emails will help you reach different audiences. The judges want to see you adopt social media in your everyday lives to promote your events.

One easy way to do that is create an event on Facebook and invite your chapter members, their friends, and your colleagues. The judges want to see the evidence of using social media through screen shots of your posts and events or give us a link to your social media page.

Last, have fun and be creative when planning NPW celebrations. The judges love seeing new and different ideas when planning these big events. If you have come up with a fresh NPW plan, go ahead and implement it because you never know how fun something is until you give it a shot.

The Chapter Relations Department hopes that these tips are helpful for you when preparing for National Payroll Week and the NPW contests. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Chapter Relations Department at (210) 226-4600 or [email protected]

2016 Statewide or
Regional Meeting

Is your chapter organizing a Statewide or Regional Meeting? If so, please fill out the and submit it to the Chapter Relations Department. Your Statewide or Regional meeting will be advertised on the APA website and PAYTECHOnline. Plus, you will receive free promotional materials from APA.

For the most current list of 2016 Statewide or Regional Conferences, please visit the Chapter Section of APA's website.

2016 Chapter Study Groups

Register your study group with Chapter Relations today by submitting the Study Group Registration Form. Your study group will be advertised on the APA website and PAYTECHOnline. Plus, you will receive free study materials (see form for details).

For the most current list of 2016 Chapter Study Groups, please visit the Chapter Section of APA's website.


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