Begin Planning for
National Payroll Week

It's time to show your National Payroll Week® (NPW) spirit and participate in the 2016 NPW Contests. Make sure to have fun and properly prepare when planning NPW events and contest entries. The many NPW contests you could enter are:

Chapters Only:

For Individuals and Groups: For Everyone: When purchasing NPW merchandise, remind your chapter members to select your chapter name from the drop-down menu on the NPW online store in order to win the Chapter Promotion Contest. The deadline for purchases to go toward the contest count is August 26. Visit for more information on the Chapter Promotion Contest and other NPW Contests.

Meet APA's Board of Advisors

APA's 128 affiliated local chapters are divided into nine regions across the United States. Selected by APA's President for a two-year term, a Board of Advisors member serves as an ambassador and key resource to his or her assigned region's chapters. In doing this, he/she serves each chapter as an experienced mentor and voice to APA. The Advisors bring forth ideas and recommendations from the local level to help enhance and further benefit APA and its members.

In addition to regional conference calls held individually by each Advisor, all chapter members are encouraged to contact their Advisor for chapter-related guidance, to find out about APA's activities, or to give constructive recommendations regarding our association's products, services, and seminars.

The members of the 2016-2017 Regional Board of Advisors are:

Region 1
Debbie Couch, CPP, PHR

Region 2
Stephanie Salavejus, CPP

Region 3
Ronald Gilson, CPP

Region 4
Christine Stolpe, CPP

Region 5
Billy Meyerkorth, CPP

Region 6
Michael Schoelles, CPP

Region 7
Susan Baptista, CPP

Region 8
Latisha O'Neal, CPP

Region 9
Owhen Astorga

Chapter President Profile
Juliette Carizey, CPP
Iowa-Illinois Chapter

By Caren Bennett

Juliette Carizey, CPP, became President of the Iowa-Illinois Chapter in November 2015 after having been an active member of the chapter for more than 12 years. When the chapter's former President, Bev Curtis, passed away suddenly, Carizey stepped up to take the position.

"I thought it would be a great opportunity to continue in Bev's footsteps and the inroads she had established for the chapter," she explains.

Carizey has focused on working closely with the chapter's officers to ensure that members stay informed on changes and updates to federal, state, and local laws and regulations, while also promoting professional status, certification, and recertification through study groups, monthly meetings, and webinars.

"We are a small chapter between two well-known cities, Chicago, Illinois, and Des Moines, Iowa," Carizey explains, "However, we can offer the same networking and professional development as larger chapters at little or no cost to our chapter members."

Carizey is most proud of the way the Iowa-Illinois Chapter members work closely as a team.

"All work is shared among our officers and members who are passionate about what we do," she says.

In this way, all members contribute to the success of the chapter.

"I am very proud to be part of an amazing group of individuals who share knowledge, connect, and support one another," Carizey says.

The Iowa-Illinois Chapter values the importance of giving back to the community. As a group, chapter members are involved with many local nonprofit organizations. Members have provided lunches for the volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and have worked with United Way's VITA program to provide income tax returns for low-income families.

The chapter secretary also is involved with "Friends of Credit Island" in preserving its unique amenities for the community. Members have taught certification classes at a local community college, hosted Certified Payroll Professional study groups open to nonmembers, and volunteered at a local soup kitchen, King's Harvest, to feed the less fortunate.

Some future goals for the chapter include organizing inexpensive, affordable seminars and offering them to their community. These seminars would target small businesses that may not have a payroll staff and that would need to be educated with payroll information to run their operations effectively.

The chapter is also exploring the use of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, weighing the time and benefits members would draw from such websites.

Carizey has been with the same company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company, for the last 20 years. She achieved her CPP designation in 2004. Carizey enjoys giving back to the community and having fun!

Free Networking Event
for Chapter Officers

Sponsored by Global Cash Card, the free event takes place October 14-15 and allows APA chapter officers to network with one another.

Visit for more information and to find out how to attend.

Get Publicity, Support
for Your Next Statewide

All chapters hosting a statewide or regional conference are encouraged to register their event with APA's Chapter Relations Department. Once the conference is registered, APA will provide brochures and a door prize. Additionally, APA will send one speaker from APA's National Speakers Bureau (NSB), APA's Board of Directors (BOD), or APA's staff to speak at the meeting. To request your one free speaker for your statewide or regional conference, please view the Requesting Speakers from APA form. Additional speakers are at the cost of the requesting chapter(s).

To register your statewide or regional conference with APA National, you may do so electronically through your Chapter Profile or submit the Statewide Meeting Registration form.

View the most current list of 2016 Statewide or Regional Conferences.

Receive Free Materials for
Your Chapter Study Group

Register your study group with Chapter Relations today by submitting the Study Group Registration Form and your study group will be advertised on the APA website and in PAYTECHonline. Plus, you will receive free study materials (see form for details).

View the most current list 2016 Chapter Study Groups.


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