Gear Up for NPW
With This Year's Contests

National Payroll Week ® (NPW) is rapidly approaching! Every year, payroll professionals celebrate NPW through educational outreach, APA chapter parties, and community service. Established in 1996, NPW was created to recognize the hard work and dedication of payroll professionals everywhere.

The APA has six NPW chapter contests and two contests for anyone who would like to participate. With a broad variety of contests, everyone can find something that suits them best! Individuals and chapters may participate in one or more contests to increase their chances of becoming a 2016 NPW Contest winner.

To enter the contests, go to the NPW Website, click on "NPW Contests" on the left side of the page, and download the contest fliers. Each of the fliers contains contest information, guidelines, and submission processes.

The NPW Contests are as follows:

Chapter Promotion Contest
Show your support for the payroll profession and NPW by participating in the 2016 Chapter Promotion Contest. Entering is easy! Select your chapter's name from the drop-down menu when ordering NPW merchandise to earn credits. Proceeds from this contest will go toward promoting payroll education. The chapter that earns the most credits wins!

To buy NPW merchandise, go to and click on "NPW store" on the left side of the page. Let the shopper within you come out and have fun buying NPW shirts, teddy bears, and more.

Local Government Outreach Chapter Contest
Reach out to local government officials to gain their support for NPW to enter this contest. Ask government officials in your city, county, and state for an official NPW proclamation acknowledging NPW and payroll professionals. Share the proclamation signing event with the Chapter Relations Department to win this contest.

For tips, sample letters, and proclamation language, head to the NPW Website and click "Request a Proclamation" under the "Tools" menu.

Educational Outreach and Community Service Chapter Contest
If your chapter loves volunteering in the community, this contest is for you! This contest recognizes and rewards chapters for the amazing effort they have put into giving back to their communities during NPW.

Chapter Photo Contest
Do you capture the essence of your chapter's NPW celebrations in photos? Then enter the Chatper Photo Contest! It is easy and fun. Submit your three best NPW-related photos to Chapter Relations. Tap into your inner photographer and highlight NPW as creatively as possible for the best chance to win.

The chapter photo must clearly display the NPW theme, logo, or artwork. See the contest flier for contest rules.

Local Media Outreach Chapter Contest
In the new age of social media, there are countless forms of media, including radio, television, newspapers, Facebook, and Twitter. Pitch NPW to local media and see the results in your events! Submit your questionnaire today!

For tips on how to reach the media and write press releases and letters to the editor, head to and click "Public Relations/Media" under the "Tools" tab.

Online Survey Promotion Contest
The Online Survey Promotion Contest is designed to recognize outstanding work to increase awareness of National Payroll Week and the NPW online survey within your community and workplace. Individuals and chapters alike are eligible for this contest.

To compete, promote the "Getting Paid In America" survey to your friends and family, at work, and everywhere else you go. Entries that display the most original, creative, and effective outreach efforts will win.

National Education Regional Contest
Help your region shine in the National Education Contest! The region with the most volunteers during Money Matters National Education Day will take home the crown. Plus, for your help in broadening young adults' minds on payroll, every volunteer will earn one RCH.

Go to to register as a volunteer. Contact local schools or youth groups about teaching paycheck basics on Money Matters National Education Day. Use the special curriculum supplied by the APA to educate local teens about their paychecks.

To receive the credit, remember to go to the NPW website, highlight the "How to Celebrate" tab, and click on "NPW Contests" to fill out the "National Education Champions Contest" form after you have taught Money Matters. You'll receive one RCH for teaching, and the region with the most participants wins!

Individual Activity Contest
Treat yourself to some great rewards for increasing awareness of NPW by entering this contest. Individual entries are accepted for events that include any combination of contest categories, including educational outreach and community service, local government outreach, and media outreach.

Attend the 2016
Chapter Leadership Summit

The American Payroll Association (APA) and its Chapter Relations Department are proud to present the 2016 Chapter Leadership Summit! On October 14-15, chapter officers will have a day and a half to network, lead, and motivate each other at MEET Las Vegas. The event will unite fellow local chapter officers from 129 APA-affiliated chapters across the country as they discover useful and important information on how to organize a successful chapter.

Along with plenty of networking, the conference also will provide nine, 90-minute educational sessions for specialized training on various topics including social media, study groups, knowledge transfer, marketing, and membership participation from our hand-selected guest speakers.

Registration is open now. Visit to reserve your spot at the 2016 Chapter Leadership Summit! Spaces are limited, so meet with your chapter officers to decide the two lucky people who get to attend.

Get Publicity, Support
for Your Next Statewide

All chapters hosting a statewide or regional conference are encouraged to register their events with the APA's Chapter Relations Department. Once the conference is registered, the APA will provide brochures and a door prize. Additionally, the APA will send one speaker from APA's National Speakers Bureau (NSB), APA's Board of Directors (BOD), or APA's staff to speak at the meeting. To request your one free speaker for your statewide or regional conference, view the Requesting Speakers from APA form. Additional speakers are at the cost of the requesting chapter(s).

To register your statewide or regional conference with the APA, you may do so electronically through your Chapter Profile or submit the Statewide Meeting Registration form.

View the most current list or 2016 Statewide of Regional Conferences.

Recieve Free Materials
for Your Chapter Study Group

Register your study group with Chapter Relations today by submitting the Study Group Registration Form and your study group will be advertised on the APA website and in PAYTECHonline. Plus, you will receive free study materials (see form for details).

View the most current list of 2016 Chapter Study Groups.


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