BenefitMall, Employee Navigator
Partner for New Software

BenefitMall has announced a partnership with Employee Navigator, a rapidly growing provider of benefits, HR, and compliance software that will provide brokers and clients with access to a streamlined data management resource for payroll and benefits administration. According to the company, the partnership will allow BenefitMall to offer brokers and clients a payroll and benefits integration feature that will allow them to say goodbye to double data entry, expensive integration, and payroll deduction reconciliation.

"We're excited to announce a simplified, integrated solution for payroll and benefits administration," said George Reese, CEO of Employee Navigator. "Our partnership with BenefitMall complements our existing product lines exceptionally well on many levels. Most importantly, we're both focused on delivering a great solution to brokers and employers around the country, and BenefitMall is the perfect partner to help make that vision a reality."

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Inova Payroll Expands Services

Inova Payroll has formed a partnership with Y-12 Federal Credit Union, a 14-branch, federally chartered, member-owned, non-profit financial cooperative with more than 107,000 members. This partnership with Y-12 Federal Credit Union will offer Inova's payroll and human resource solutions to its business banking members, expanding their menu of account, loan, and merchant services products. The partnership with Y-12 FCU aligns with the company's strategic goal to continue to invest in its home state. Inova is a national company with clients in all 50 states and was named to the 2016 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

"We've partnered with banks and credit unions since day one," said Inova Payroll SVP of Sales and Marketing Melanie Crow. "It's a synergistic partnership that provides value to employers, and ultimately the success of employers is why we're here. I know Y-12 Federal Credit Union shares that sentiment as it is expressed not only through the business services they offer but also through a commitment to community and membership relationships."

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Synel Unveils
Facial Recognition Technology

Synel Americas announced the latest addition to its popular facial recognition technology line for time and attendance, the SY-910, part of the world-renowned SY-Face line. SY-910's most alluring feature, aside from its ability to instantly verify a user's countenance without touch, is its user-programmable six function keys. Designed to allow the collection of additional (unlimited) workplace data, users can program these function keys for inputting information such as tips, department transfers, price rates, and more.

All of the advanced terminals in Synel's SY-Face line employ Dual Facial Recognition Technology to instantly map the user's facial structure, comparing it against saved templates from enrollment. The method is so advanced, SY-Face terminals cannot be fooled by 2D imagery, identical twins, ever-changing facial hair, or darkness. Look-and-go technology from Synel helps eliminate costly security threats such as "buddy punching."

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