Asure Software Acquires
Personnel Management Systems, Inc.

Asure Software has acquired Personnel Management Systems, Inc. (PMSI). PMSI is a top provider of complete, affordable, turnkey HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Through the acquisition, Asure will add HR consulting expertise to the company’s current offering. Existing and new Asure clients will now have access to an outsourced human resources department, which will provide clients all the tools necessary to ensure the access of their most valuable resources. With the availability of the full suite of Asure solutions, combined with local expertise, PMSI clients can leverage every possible resource required to optimize their investment in human capital.

`"We are thrilled with the acquisition of PMSI, as there is a natural synergy between our two organizations," said Pat Goepel, Asure Software CEO. `"More specifically, PMSI enhances our software and service offering, and with their expertise, we will successfully roll this service out nationwide."

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Kronos Acquired Financial
Management Solutions, Inc.

Kronos has acquired Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI), a leading provider of workforce management and analytics applications for the credit union and retail banking industry. FMSI offers technology solutions that help drive productivity, sales, and service performance in branches for credit unions and retail banks. This acquisition deepens Kronos’ expertise within the financial services industry, specifically the credit union and retail banking segment, complementing Kronos’ human capital management strength with unique functionality for optimizing branch operations.

`"Kronos’ acquisition of FMSI demonstrates our commitment to helping financial services organizations, specifically credit unions and retail banks, more efficiently manage their most valuable asset–the workforce," said Bob Hughes, Chief Strategy Officer for Kronos. `"Kronos believes that great businesses are powered by great people, and employee engagement is critical for success. Together with Kronos human capital management offerings, FMSI solutions can help create a work environment for our customers in which employees feel valued and treated equitably."


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Synel Americas Launches
New Facial Recognition Hardware

Synel Americas announced the latest addition to its popular facial recognition technology line for time and attendance, the SY-910, part of the world-renowned SY-Face line. SY-910’s most alluring feature is its user-programmable six-function keys. Users can program these function keys for inputting information such as tips, department transfers, piece rates, and more.

All of the advanced terminals in Synel’s SY-Face line employ Dual Facial Recognition Technology to instantly map the user’s facial structure, comparing it against saved templates from enrollment. The method is so advanced, Sy-Face terminals cannot be fooled by 2-D imagery, identical twins, ever-changing facial hair, darkness, and more.

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