Work Toward Your FPC With Confidence

This July, the APA's Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) Boot Camp will provide you with the tools and resources to effectively prepare for the FPC exam. The program is a comprehensive 12-session, virtual course that will provide you with all the tools and resources to effectively study the material, practice, and apply your learning skills to confidently pass the exam!

The course will cover the following learning objectives:

  • Overview of the laws and regulations that affect payroll
  • Fundamental paycheck calculations
  • Taxation concepts and the completion of Forms W-2, W-3, 941, and Schedule B
  • Employer-provided benefits—what is taxable and subject to reporting?
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Prism Awards Recognize
Innovation in Payroll Departments

All nominations for the 2017 Payroll Prism Awards and the Shared Services Prism Award must be received by July 7 for consideration. Companies of all sizes are welcome to nominate their departments involved in payroll, finance, or accounting.

The Prism Awards are dedicated to innovative departments that exhibit best practices in technology, management, processes, and overall best practices. Awards will be presented at APA’s Fall Forum, set for September 27-29 in Indianapolis.

Apply today for a Prism Award or a Shared Services Award.

It Pays to Know

In the early 1950s, Ford Motor Company stopped paying employees with cash and instead issued payroll checks using NCR's National Payroll Machines.

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Source: The History of Payroll in the U.S.


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