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In this edition of PNN . . .

Dan Maddux, APA's Executive Director, introduces Doug Wolf, Senior Manager of Vendor Relations.

Doug Wolf describes the new Payroll Practice Essentials Virtual Course, which begins September 30 for eight 2-hour online sessions.

Dan Maddux tells how the IRS has modified the instructions for the Form 941-X. These instructions can be found on the Forms, Pubs, Info page of the APA website.

Dan Maddux introduces APA's new president, Dennis Danilewicz, CPP.

Dennis Danilewicz expresses confidence in the ability of payroll professionals to bring value to their organizations and solicits input from APA members.

Dan Maddux describes the enhanced APA Visa Paycard Portal and one of its new features "Points from the Pros."

Dan Maddux introduces APA's Executive Office manager, Teresa Lopez.

Teresa Lopez describes the unique and complex issues facing payroll professionals in higher education that will be addressed at the 23rd Annual Educational Institutions Payroll Conference.

Dan Maddux tells about the free Year-End processing webinar to be offered by APA and Ultimate Software on October 6.


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