NSB Speaker Bios

Links to NSB member bios in Adobe .pdf format

Marcia Aamodt
Valerie Alexander, CPP
Lisa Aragon, CPP
Martin Armstrong, CPP
Kelly Bailey, FPC
Fred A. Basehore Jr., CPP
Donna Brinkman, CPP
Lori Brown, CPP
Luanne Brown, CPP
Mary Brumm, CPP
Irene H. Chapman, CPP
Susan Charles, CPP
Cindy Cichosz, CPP
Dennis Danilewicz, CPP
Karen Davidson, CPP
De Ann Doonan, CPP
Sondra Dougherty, CPP
Bill Dunn, CPP
Daniel Dycus, CPP
Pamela Fack, CPP
Colleen Flores, CPP
Rosemarie Fraumeni, CPP
Michelle Ganzer, CPP
Andrew Garboden, CPP
Paul Gill, CPP
Brent Gow, CPP
Rebecca Harshberger, CPP
Steve Hodgson, CPP
Jane Holmes, CPP
Gretchen Inouye, CPP
Susan Judah, CPP
Darrell Kozuch
Patrick J. Landers
Emily Lindsay, CPA
Gary Lynch, CPP
George Mavrantzas
Marcela McCarthy, CPP

James Medlock, CPP
Levi Meeske, CPP
Billy J. Meyerkorth, CPP
Ian Mise
Kathleen Mizejewski, CPP, GBA
Abbey Moran, CPP
JB Morey, CPP
Ronald L. Moser, CPP
Kris Nelson, CPP
Valery Noakes, CPP
Linda Obertin, CPP
LaTisha O'Neal, CPP
James R. Paille, CPP
Linda Pappillion, CPP
Jodi Parsons, CPP
Tina M. Peery Gholson
Jamie Phillips, CPP
Bruce E Phipps, CPP
Lisa Poole, CPP
Samantha Raffield, CPP
Emily Z. Rook, CPP
Stephanie Salavejus, CPP
Karen Salemi, CPP, FLMI
William H. Schmalle, CPP
Michael Schoelles, CPP
Sally Thomson, CPP
Deborah E. Viers Traylor, CPP
David D. Wakeling, CPP
Alison Ward, FIPP(dip), MSc, FPII(dip)
Karen Ward, CPP
Larry M. White, CPP
Sarona-Lee Wilde, CPP
Hope Williams, CPP
Kristine K Willson, CPP
Carl York, CPP
Barbara Youngman, CPP

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