Welcome to the American Payroll Association!

The benefits you now experience as a member of the American Accounts Payable Association are expanded as part of the American Payroll Association. As a result of this transition, you will receive many of your current benefits plus all the additional benefits of APA membership. Your wider range of member benefits will include:

  • PAYTECH magazine (with expanded AP content)
  • AP categories on the Hotline Referral Service
  • Opportunity to apply for the Accounts Payable Education Grant
  • Opportunity to serve on the Strategic Accounts Payable Leadership Task Force
  • Representation for AP issues at the federal, state, and local level
  • PAYTECH-Digital
  • PAYTECHonline monthly e-magazine
  • Compliance updates (covering AP and payroll topics)
  • Members Only resources on the APA website
  • Discounts on all training and publications
  • Other volunteer and leadership opportunities
Beyond these expanded benefits, as a member of the APA you will join a much larger network of professionals, whose expertise encompasses accounts payable, payroll, and more.

To facilitate this transition, whenever your AAPA membership expires, you will automatically receive a full-year membership in the APA at no cost to you. For example, if your AAPA membership is due to expire on February 1, 2014, you will receive an APA membership through February 1, 2015.

Not a member of the AAPA or APA? Join APA today and we'll waive the $35 enrollment fee.

Welcome to the APA family!

If you have any questions about your membership benefits, please contact Membership Services.

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