Get Interactive with APA and National Payroll Week!

The American Payroll Association is expanding its membership benefits with Facebook! This powerful technology will make the APA even more accessible and put easy-to-use networking tools at your fingertips.

Visit Facebook and interact today.
APA Facebook Page
NPW Facebook Page

Facebook tools allow you to easily interact directly with APA and network with other payroll pros. You can share photos and video, post a payroll-related question for discussion, even make announcements and comments for APA and other members to view!

Visit the APA and NPW pages and select "Become a Fan" to post comments and use the other interactive tools.

Some great ideas to get the most from Facebook:

  • Upload photos/videos. Be sure to "tag" other fans of the page in any photos you post.
  • Schedule an event like a CPP study group.
  • Start a discussion. Examples of great discussions:
    • Ways you have celebrated NPW
    • Payroll insights
    • Questions about payroll processing.
  • Write on the APA or NPW wall. You can ask APA and question or simply leave a note for other fans to see.
You'll need to select "Become a Fan" to add content to the site. If you have any trouble or don't have a Facebook account, follow this step-by-step guide. Let's make Facebook a success together! Visit the APA and NPW Facebook pages, today.


Facebook links
APA Facebook Page
NPW Facebook Page

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