APA Committees

Members of the American Payroll Association may participate in a variety of activities through participation in its committees, boards, advisory groups, and task forces.

APA Education Grant Committee

- Reviews applications for and selects the recipient of the APA Education Grant Awards. Members are appointed by the President-Elect.

Automated Clearing House Committee

- Interacts with the banking community on electric funds transfer issues that affect Payroll Professionals. Volunteers to this committee participate on one or more projects including the creation of survey instruments and reviewing text for The Guide to Successful Direct Deposit.

Board of Contributing Writers

- Writes articles pertinent to payroll operations, compliance or management for publication in PAYTECH or PAYTECHonline, attends the annual Board of Contributing Writers meeting held during the Congress and contributes ideas for article topics. This is a volunteer position open to APA members who have interest and skill in writing and can meet deadlines. Prospective members should contact APA's Managing Editor, Membership Publications, in writing, indicating their areas of expertise and topics they would like to write about.

Certification Advisory Group

- Writes questions for the Fundamental Payroll Certification and Certified Payroll Professional exams to be reviewed by the FPC Committee and Certification Board. Volunteers to the committee receive training on techniques of question writing and are required to submit a minimum of 10 questions on topics covered in the exams.

Certification Board

- Reviews, edits and constructs questions for the APA's Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Exam. The Board members are responsible for the format, design and security issues regarding the exam. Appointed by the President-Elect, members of the Certification Board must be APA members and hold a current CPP designation. Board members are required to make a two-year commitment and to meet certain criteria as outlined in the Certification Board Application. Those interested in serving should contact the KAC Sales Director/Director of Certification, Connie Connor, for further details.

Certification Review Panel

- Provides a final step for review of a candidate's score in the Certified Payroll Professional Exam. Appointed by the Executive Director.

Chapter Recognition Committee

- Selects the recipients of APA's "Chapter of the Year" and Gavel Awards. Members are appointed by the President-Elect.

CHAMPS (Chapters Helping APA Chapters Make Payroll Shine) Committee

- APA local chapter members volunteer for this committee to mentor chapters on specific chapter-management issues. Volunteers complete a questionnaire indicating their areas of expertise from among 85 categories. CHAMPS stands for "Chapters Helping APA-chapters Make Payroll Shine" and is set up as a "chapter-to-chapter" referral and networking service provided by APA National. Volunteers respond to questions posed by other chapter members who receive referrals from APA or online. Volunteers must be available by phone or e-mail during business hours.

Education Advisory Committee

- Advises APA's staff on the content of APA's educational seminars and conferences by identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful payroll professionals at the various stages of their careers. Members are appointed by the President-Elect.

Finance and Audit Committee

- Reviews the financial position of the APA, has financial reports prepared and makes projections for upcoming years. Members are appointed by the Executive Director.

Fundamental Payroll Certification Committee

-Reviews, edits and constructs questions for the APA's Fundamental Payroll Certification Exam. Appointed by the President-Elect.

Government Affairs Task Force

- APA's Government Affairs Task Force (GATF) has become a powerful lobbying group, working with federal and state government officials and Congress to bring about changes that benefit the payroll community. The GATF is organized around key issues, with each having its own subcommittee. All GATF members are on at least one subcommittee and must have employer support for time and travel.

Hotline Referral Service

- Research and respond to payroll questions posed by members. Members volunteer to serve on this committee and complete a questionnaire indicating their areas of expertise. Must be available by phone, fax, or email during business hours.

APA Representative to the IRS Advisory Council

- Represents APA on all IRS matters affecting the membership. Appointee is subject to approval by the IRS Commissioner's office.

APA Representative to the IRS Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee

- Provides private sector input to the Internal Revenue Service regarding meeting its Congressionally mandated goal to increase electronic tax filing by 2007 to 80% of all returns. Appointee is subject to approval by the IRS Commissioner's office.

APA Representative to the IRS Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee

- Represents APA's membership on all matters related to the IRS's Information Reporting Program. Appointee is subject to approval by the IRS.

National Speakers Bureau

- Nationally known experts on various payroll topics who receive training from APA and teach various APA seminars. Members are also available for other speaking engagements, representing the APA on payroll- related topics. Prospective members may send a resume or curriculum vitae to APA's Director of Speaker Administration in the San Antonio office.

Nominating and Elections Committee

- Recruits, screens and recommends candidates for participation in the orderly and democratic election of the President-Elect and Board of Directors. Four members are appointed by the President-Elect and Board of Directors in alternate years with the other members appointed by the Committee.

PayTrain® Learning System Advisory Committee

- Supplies educational and technical guidance for the PayTrain product, ensuring that it is accurate, relevant and current. Members are appointed by the Executive Director.

Strategic Payroll Leadership Task Force

- Serves APA's members by investigating and communicating innovative business practices, emerging technologies, legislative issues and global issues. Volunteer members participate on one or more subcommittees.

Committee Volunteer Form

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