Annual Report 2013

The 2013 Annual Report of the American Payroll Association

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • The President's Letter
  • National Payroll Week

  • Section One

  • Top Association Accomplishments in the Last Year
  • APA Organization Chart
  • Financial Graphs
  • Independent Auditor's Report
  • The Year in APA's Membership Publications

  • Section Two

  • APA Directors and Officers; Board of Advisors; Ambassadors
  • APA Staff
  • APA Committees
  • The following Committees, Boards, Advisory Groups, Task Forces and Speakers Bureau are included in this section:
  • APA Education Grant Committee
  • Automated Clearing House Committee
  • Board of Contributing Writers
  • Certification Advisory Group
  • Certification Board (Certified Payroll Professional/Fundamental Payroll Certification Committees)
  • Certification Review Panel
  • Payroll Certifications
  • Chapter Recognition Committee
  • CHAMPS (Chapters Helping APA-Chapters Make Payroll Shine) Committee
  • Education Advisory Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Government Affairs Task Force
  • APA Representative to the IRS Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee
  • APA and AAPA Representatives to the IRS Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee
  • APA Representative to the IRS Advisory Council
  • National Speakers Bureau
  • Nominating and Elections Committee
  • APA and AAPA Shared Services Task Force
  • Social Networking Committee
  • Strategic Payroll Leadership Task Force
  • Volunteers to the APA Hotline Referral Service
  • Accounts Payable Answers
  • Accounts Payable Journal Online Advisory Committee
  • Strategic Accounts Payable Leadership Task Force
  • 2013 Award Recipients
  • 2013 Gold Pin Members

  • Section Three

  • APA National Volunteer Pictorial (4.0Mb)
  • APA Local Chapter Pictorial (4.9Mb)
  • 2013 Chapter Awards
  • Make a Difference
  • Committees, Boards, Advisory Groups, Task Forces and Speakers Bureau

  • Complete Annual Report

  • Section One
  • Section Two
  • Section Three
  • The complete text of APA's 2013 Annual Report is available in these three files. They are large files (5.8, 2.4, 9.2Mb) and will require significant system resources to download and print. If you are unable to use these files, all pages of the 2013 Annual Report are available using the component files above.

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