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Compliance TV - November


Social Security Wage Base Up to $128,700 for 2018

On October 13, the SSA announced that the 2018 social security wage base will be $128,700, an increase of $1,500 from $127,200 in 2017. All covered wages are still subject to the 1.45% Medicare tax. The maximum social security tax employees and employers will each pay in 2018 is $7,979.40, an increase of $93 from $7,886.40 in 2017.


401(k) Contribution Limit Increases to $18,500 for 2018

The IRS has announced the cost-of-living adjustments applicable to dollar limits on the benefits and contributions under qualified retirement plans, as well as other items for tax year 2018. The dollar limit on employee elective deferrals to 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) plans increases to $18,500 (up from $18,000) and the limit on catch-up contributions for individuals age 50 or over remains unchanged at $6,000.


IRS Announces 2018 COLAs for Transportation Fringes, FSA Deferrals, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and More

The IRS has released certain inflation-adjusted amounts for 2018. The maximum excludable qualified transportation fringe increases to $260 per month, the maximum employee deferral to a health flexible spending arrangement increases to $2,650, and the maximum foreign earned income exclusion amount increases to $104,100.


California and Virgin Islands Face FUTA Credit Reduction for 2017

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced that California and the Virgin Islands will lose the full Federal Unemployment Tax Act credit for 2017 because they could not pay their federal loans by the November 10, 2017, deadline. Each will have a credit reduction of 2.1% for 2017.


Iowa Delays E-Filing Requirement for Forms W-2

The requirement for all employers in Iowa to file Forms W-2 electronically with the Iowa Department of Revenue has been delayed until tax year 2018 (forms due in 2019). For tax year 2017 (forms due in 2018) employers with at least 50 employees must electronically file Forms W-2.



It Pays to Know

U.S Army officers serving in the western frontier during the early 1800s could have a portion of their pay disbursed directly to their wives and other dependents back east.
Source: The History of Payroll in the U.S.

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