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GRTF SSA Wage Reporting Redesign Subcommittee

Do you want detailed feedback from the Social Security Administration on the processing of your W-2 file? Do you want to be notified if the SSA receives a duplicate report? Would you prefer to get this information on paper or electronically? Would it be helpful if the SSA could show you the impact on an employee's wage record by your W-2c before it processes that W-2c?

These are among the issues being discussed by this subcommittee and the SSA. In addition, we have discussed the effect of SSN Randomization (see Alert below) and SSA's proposal for a single user ID and password for any individual who uses any of the services, business and/or personal, of the SSA website.

This is a perfect opportunity for APA members to have input as to the types of services we'd like to see, to gain an understanding of the challenges and statutory requirements the SSA faces, and to educate the SSA regarding the difficulties the payroll professional must overcome. Together we can design new methods that best address all of our needs.

SSA announces 2015 social security wage base.The SSA announced that the 2015 social security wage base will be $118,500, up from the 2014 wage base of $117,000. Read the SSA Fact sheet.

SSA is changing the way it issues Social Security Numbers, effective June 2011. This could require a change in the way your payroll system accepts or rejects certain ranges of numbers. SSA is doing this to avoid running out of SSNs in certain states and to help protect against identity theft. Read the SSA Factsheet on SSN Randomization. In part due to the input from the subcommittee, SSA postponed this change from its originally scheduled date to give employers and the organizations to which employers send files containing SSNs more time to prepare.

Meeting Schedule and Agendas

Subcommittee Leadership

Chair: Mary Jo Harling, CPP
Recorder: Nadine Hughes, CPP
Coordinator: Curtis Tatum, Manager of Government Relations

Meeting Agendas and Notes

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2010 Agendas and Notes
2009 Agenda

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