Government Relations Task Force

GRTF Federal Tax Forms and Publications Subcommittee

2013 Recommendations

Prior Years' Recommendations

The APA has been successfully improving the IRS's forms and publications for many years. The IRS appreciates that we have the perspective of the audience they are trying to reach.

2012 APA Recommendations and IRS Responses
2011 APA Recommendations and IRS Responses
2010 APA Recommendations and IRS Responses
2009 APA Recommendations and IRS Responses
2008 APA Recommendations and IRS Responses

Subcommittee Leadership

Rosemarie Fraumeni, CPP
Emily Rook, CPP

To Participate in This Subcommittee

Please contact Emily Rook, CPP to be added to the roster for meeting notifications.

We're always looking for new ideas. To make a recommendation about any IRS form and publication used by payroll professionals,

1. Identify the form, form instruction, or publication.
2. Specify the line number, box number, page and column, or section.
3. Explain the current problem (what burden, confusion, or noncompliance does it create?).
4. Recommend a solution to the problem (e.g., adding or removing a line on a form, revising the text of a form's instructions or of a publication).
5. Send to ctatum@americanpayroll.org.

Remember, however, that this subcommittee is generally not about changing the law or regulations, but about changing the publications that explain those rules, or the forms/instructions through which those rules are implemented.

IRS forms and publications comprise some of the most important communications from the federal government to employers and back again. Payroll professionals rely on publications for guidance as to what is taxable and what's not, procedures, and ways to explain things to fellow employees. The forms are the vehicles of communication from employers to the government.

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