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One of the core missions of the American Payroll Association (APA) is providing representation for payroll professionals at the federal, state, and local levels. This is done primarily by educating government and community decision-makers about the payroll industry and the best practices associated with paying America's workers.

Led by members with support from APA's government relations division staff, APA's Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) works with legislative and executive branches of government to help payroll professionals with understanding their employers' legal obligations and advocate for more effective laws, regulations, policies, and guidance.

Significant emphasis is placed on minimizing the administrative burden on government, employers, and individual workers, as well as sharing information effectively.

Key Goals

  • Ensuring consistent and equitable standards and requirements for withholding income taxes on employees who travel outside of their state of residence for temporary work periods;
  • Promoting understandable government forms and associated instructions, regulations, guidance documents, policies, and notices;
  • Pushing for uniformity in wage garnishment processes and reasonable requirements for payroll card administration; and
  • Providing opportunities for open discussion and networking among members and with agency staff.

IRS's Scott Mezistrano Receives APA Government Partner Award

The American Payroll Association's (APA) Government Partner Award recognizes government employees who work with APA to help payroll professionals everywhere. The mission of the APA's Government Relations Division is to help government succeed while minimizing the administrative burden on employers.

APA's 2017 recipient, Scott Mezistrano, CPP, Senior National Account Manager at the Internal Revenue Service, is a person who works with the payroll community on a daily basis. Members who work with him think the world of him and not just because he has helped companies with some very large and complex issues involving the Internal Revenue Service.

Mezistrano has been instrumental in getting member issues resolved timely and accurately - two words that mean everything to the payroll profession.

He worked closely with reporting agents to pilot the W-2 Verification Code. This impacted 2 million Forms W-2 in 2016. In 2017, the program expanded to 47 million Forms W-2.

In addition, Mezistrano helped 16 reporting agents file more than 22 million Forms W-2 directly with the IRS as part of an identity theft tax fraud prevention program.

He has worked tirelessly on many fronts to make payroll more electronic and efficient, saving time and money for the IRS, taxpayers, and payroll.

Before joining the IRS, Mezistrano spent 13 years in the Government Relations Division of APA. He fought for our interests then, and he continues to hold them in mind in his work for the IRS.

Recent Positions

Uniform Wage Garnishments: APA is working with the Uniform Law Commission to push for state enactment of the Uniform Wage Garnishment Act, which provides for consistency in creditor garnishment of employee wages through standardized definitions, reasonable processes and procedures, and understandable employer and employee notifications.

Fair Assessment of Mobile Workforce Income Taxes: Employees who travel outside of their states of residence for business purposes are subject to an onerous administrative burden because, in addition to filing federal and resident state income tax returns, they also may be legally required to file an income tax return in every other state into which they traveled, even if they were there for only one day. As part of a coalition, APA is pushing for legislation to reduce the burden by establishing a 30-day threshold before states can charge non-resident income taxes.

Clear and Concise Forms and Instructions: Many federal and state agencies collect information and taxes from employers and payroll departments, including employer taxes, employee income withholding, Affordable Care Act information returns, pay data, and employment eligibility documents. APA makes recommendations on the forms and instructions associated with this reporting to ensure that they are understandable, concise, and not overly burdensome.

State Retirement Planning: As states look to ease the burden on state welfare budgets and encourage increased individual retirement savings, legislation requiring employers to play a role in automatic enrollment, payroll deduction, state retirement savings plans is on the rise. APA is working with states and other stakeholders to minimize employers' burden, standardize definitions, and push for electronic communication.

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Staff Contacts

American Payroll Association
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William Dunn, CPP
Director of Government Relations
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Alice P. Jacobsohn, Esq.
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APA In Action

Through APA's GRTF, payroll professionals are given a voice to educate government about what we do, how we do it, and what we would like to do. Each of the subcommittees are topic-based. When issues do not fall within a subcommittee, they are managed at the task force level.

Mobile Workforce Coalition

Subcommittee Listings

Child Support and Other Garnishments
Participants work to standardize child support and other wage garnishment enforcement notices, improve state electronic reporting and payment systems, and promote efficient wage withholding procedures.

With a focus on immigration-related administrative processes that impact payroll functions, participants review federal forms and related instructions, regulations, guidance, and policy.

IRS Issues
All things IRS that impact payroll and payroll professionals are addressed through this subcommittee, including identity theft and tax fraud prevention, filing information reports such as Forms W-2, employment taxes, Affordable Care Act reporting, and income tax rates and withholding.

Payroll Cards
APA promotes new laws and regulations across the United States that provide employers with reasonable options to offer cost-effective payroll cards to their employees and may engage in court cases where payroll cards are at issue.

Retirement Accounts
APA members are focused on reducing the potential for administrative burden in states that are considering mandating automatic enrollment retirement savings plans through payroll.

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