Every year, more than 146 million workers in America receive a paycheck. That's more than 3.5 billion paychecks per year. For many employees, a trip to the bank on payday is a favored tradition. But that innocent trip to cash your check costs you more than just wasted time. In fact, the way you're paid could be damaging the environment. Go Green With Your Green

Most American companies offer a number of free and easy ways to make sure you're paid in an environmentally friendly way. The American Payroll Association offers these tips to "go green with your green."

1. Use Direct Deposit

  • Your pay goes straight into your bank account.

  • No waiting in line at the bank drive-thru, idling your car and releasing dangerous ozone-depleting emissions.

  • Your money is always there on payday, even when you're on vacation.

  • To sign up for direct deposit, ask your company's payroll department.

2. Use a Paycard

  • Don't have a bank account? Ask your employer to pay you with a paycard.
  • You'll get the same conveniences and "green" benefits as with direct deposit.
  • Your pay will be deposited into an account that's accessed by a pin protected card, similar to an ATM card.
  • You can use the card to make purchases, get cash back at retailers, make online purchases, and withdraw money from an ATM.
  • No more paper! Keep track of your pay online.

3. Use IRS's e-file

  • This IRS program provides a way for many workers to file their income tax using a paper-free method.

  • In fact, 70% of workers can have their taxes prepared and filed completely FREE using e-file! No more expensive fees

  • Use this "green" method to file your tax return and you will get your tax refund weeks faster.

  • Additionally, you can choose to get your refund sent directly into your bank account via direct deposit, saving paper, stamps and delivery costs.

Direct deposit, paycards and IRS e-file are all easy, safe, secure and environmentally friendly. For more information on how you too can go "green" with your green, visit www.nationalpayrollweek.com.


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