Payroll Analyst

Advanced payroll training that begins with paycheck calculations, taxation concepts, and completion of Forms W-2, W-3, and 941, and then tackles more complicated topics such as benefits taxation, third-party sick pay reporting, involuntary deductions, and how to prepare Forms 940, W-2c, and 941-X. The Payroll Analyst Learning Path includes intensive, hands-on training on complex payroll functions and compliance requirements. Topics include payroll's impact on the accounting, benefits, and human resources departments, plus how to take advantage of enhanced payroll performance measures, process improvements, and advances in payroll technology to increase the return on investment.

  1. Match your job responsibilities

    Job Title(s) -Use the following job descriptions to confirm you have selected the right path. Remember, job title alone is not sufficient in determining which Learning Path best fits your job duties.

  2. Assess your knowledge

    Knowledge Assessment Calculator(s) - This web-based tool contains multiple levels of assessments populated with the payroll body of knowledge. Use this tool to set a baseline as you begin your Learning Path and return to it any time you want to evaluate your progress.

  3. Increase your knowledge by choosing a training program that's right for you

    Train in your city - Instructor-led core competency seminars offered live and in-person at locations across the United States. This seminar format provides flexible, interactive training on vital payroll topics.

    Train at APA's Learning Centers - Instructor-led core competency courses offered live and in-person at APA's award winning Learning Centers. This format provides an interactive, hands-on, computer-based classroom environment.

    Train online

  4. Expand the depth of your payroll knowledge

    Ensure you are up-to-date with the latest in compliance and industry trends by taking advantage of the expertise offered in:

    Specialty Seminars - Offered live and in-person at locations across the United States, this seminar format provides interactive training on current payroll topics.

    Payroll Webinars - Live online, web-based seminars that offer flexible learning from your office or home.

    On Demand Learning - Recorded webinars and web-based programs delivered via the web and available 24/7 from your office or home.

  5. Complete your learning path by attaining APA certification

    Certification Recommendation - APA exams verify your payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities and are recognized by the payroll industry as the gold standard in payroll certification.

  6. Continue your professional development and networking opportunities

    Conference Recommendation(s) - Attending conferences is a great way for you to meet other payroll professionals, earn continuing education credit toward recertification, and stay up-to-date with the latest in payroll industry trends, compliance, and hot topics.

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