Lean Labor

Lean Labor: Producing the Perfect Paycheck

APA's new course Lean Labor: Producing the Perfect Paycheck can help you reduce expenses by looking at all processes and how departments are connected. Lean Labor will help professionals at every level in every department understand that if the paycheck were a product line, it would rank as one of the largest products at most organizations. Learn how to produce a perfect paycheck, reduce cost, eliminate waste, and create a highly effective workforce.

This interactive two-day live workshop consists of six modules that will help you review your business processes, identify methods to empower your team, help other departments understand their responsibility in eliminating wasteful tasks, as well as help you become a dynamic leader.

Lean Labor: Producing the Perfect Paycheck learning modules:

Module 1 - Delivery of the Perfect Paycheck

  • Examine all the manual processes within the payroll department
  • Identify Lean Tools that would help support a Lean project
  • Explain how you could get other departments to participate
Module 2 - What is Lean Labor and What are the Benefits?
  • Discuss Lean Labor, the history, and the benefits
  • Explain the Seven Waste of Lean Labor
  • Identify Lean Labor Tools and how to use
Module 3 - Identifying and Defining the Business Process
  • Identify why your business processes have to be defined
  • Document and prioritize business process
  • Explain the key concepts in process improvement
Module 4 - Role of Payroll Within the Organization
  • Identify the role of payroll within the organization
  • Empower and strengthen within the team
  • Explain the value of the payroll department and how it affects the organization's bottom line
  • Determine how to use the "Big Data" metrics
Module 5 - Automation of Payroll Processes
  • Research different workforce management systems and vendors that help implement them
  • Document the advantages and benefits of using a workforce management system
  • Evaluate if you are using your current workforce management system to the fullest
  • Identify production disruptions within your organization

Your registration includes:

  • Course Workbook
  • Participating in interactive Lean Lego game designed by University of Virginia Business School
  • Copy of Lean Labor: A survival guide for companies facing global competition
  • Networking continental breakfast and lunch each day with your instructors and class attendees
  • Certificate of Completion


Lean Labor Flyer


Earn up to 12 Recertification Credit Hours (RCH), 1.2 Continuing Education Credits (CEU), 14 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits

Delivery Method: Group-Live, No advance preparation required

Level: Management or Advisory Services = 14 CPE Credits

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