Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program empowers individuals with the vision and core competencies to be an authentic leader, team motivator, and focused decision maker. This unique 3-day workshop focuses on many qualities of effective leaders including awareness of self and others, effective communication, and relationship building.

  • Expand your personal leadership skills
  • Broaden your leadership experience
  • Learn historical and current leadership theories
  • Put theory into practice

The Leadership Certificate Program consists of the following ten learning modules:

  1. What Kind of Leader Are You? A Look at Core Leadership Competencies
  2. Seeing Things Differently: Building a Vision
  3. It's the People: Developing Leadership Relationships
  4. Stop, Look, Listen: Influential Communication
  5. Nothing's the Same: Motivating Teams Through Change
  6. Yes? No? Maybe: Being a Decision Maker
  7. From Plan to Project: The Results Driven Leader
  8. Happy or Sad, Excited or Mad: Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  9. Staying Sharp: Embracing Intellectual Curiosity
  10. Values, Ethics, Passion: The Authentic Leader
By completing all ten learning modules, participants receive a Leadership Certificate.

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Video highlights from the Innaugural Leadership Program:
Part 1: Grooming Leaders for Tomorrow
Part 2: Finding Tomorrow's Leaders


"The Leadership Certificate Program overall was a well thought-out, organized and executed course. Its foundation is the pivotal point to making a leader a successful and respected individual that will be followed and admired by his/her peers and followers."
Luis A. Alvarez, CPP

"This program was very informative and made me take a personal inventory of my management skills and learn how to improve those that fall short of what makes a good leader."
Karen C. Davidson

"After attending the Leadership Certification Program I felt confident about myself professionally and amazed how it enhanced leadership skills. I have already recommended the program to several of my colleagues and friends."
Lydia Olsen, CPP,PHR


Earn 15 Recertification Credit Hours (RCH) 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEU) or 18 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours when attending this course.

Course level: Overview
Field of Study: Personal development

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