Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program empowers individuals with the vision and core competencies to be an authentic leader, team motivator, and focused decision maker. This unique 3-day workshop focuses on many qualities of effective leaders including awareness of self and others, effective communication, and relationship building.

  • Expand your personal leadership skills
  • Broaden your leadership experience
  • Learn historical and current leadership theories
  • Put theory into practice

The Leadership Certificate Program consists of the following ten learning modules:

  1. What Kind of Leader Are You? A Look at Core Leadership Competencies
  2. Seeing Things Differently: Building a Vision
  3. It's the People: Developing Leadership Relationships
  4. Stop, Look, Listen: Influential Communication
  5. Nothing's the Same: Motivating Teams Through Change
  6. Yes? No? Maybe: Being a Decision Maker
  7. From Plan to Project: The Results Driven Leader
  8. Happy or Sad, Excited or Mad: Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  9. Staying Sharp: Embracing Intellectual Curiosity
  10. Values, Ethics, Passion: The Authentic Leader
By completing all ten learning modules, participants receive a Leadership Certificate.

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Video highlights from the Innaugural Leadership Program:
Part 1: Grooming Leaders for Tomorrow
Part 2: Finding Tomorrow's Leaders

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