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Sample Thank You Letter for Global Payroll Management Certificate Program


To: [name of your manager and/or person who approved your request to attend]
cc: Finance
From: [your name here]
Date: [fill in as appropriate]
Subject: Return on Training Investment

Last week, thanks to your approval, I attended the American Payroll Association's Global Payroll Management Certificate Program. I learned an incredible amount at this three-day class and wanted to share how some of it will impact how we change our global payroll processes to make them more efficient. The course book alone, which is now a department resource, will help everyone regardless of their role, with its quick-reference style, easy-to-read explanations, and specific examples. Access to this book, coupled with my hands-on training will substantially reduce our risk of missing a step in our project implementing new locations into our payroll pro-cessing during the next year.

The seminar provided me with many hints and tricks to make the identification of "Global Best Practices" for our organization easier. I have a better understanding of the keys to success during our coming project and how to avoid the difficulties often encountered during these types of projects.

[Insert one or two examples of your own or use the examples below.]

Attending this class also gave me the opportunity to network with other payroll professionals who work in comparably sized companies or in similar operating environments who are also im-plementing global payroll processes. This allowed me to discuss challenges we are facing and procedures we are considering and learn from the experience of others. This valuable, yet in-formal, "training opportunity" will allow us to benefit from others' successes and save time, as well as money.

Thank you for the opportunity to maximize my contributions to our operations by attending this seminar. I guarantee you that your support of my continuing education will continue to pay big dividends through our continued compliance and more cost-effective operations.

[Use one or two of the examples below, or create examples of you own.]

I learned how the key to a successful implementation of a global processing project is the project team and how team building will be a key to the team's success. I plan to use some of the team building suggestions from the course with our team.

I learned how important the project sponsor is to the overall success of the global payroll pro-cessing project. I would like to discuss how I can get our project sponsor more involved to ensure our success.


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Feel free to shorten or otherwise adapt this memo to fit your needs.

This memo is also available as a word document.