GI Bill Education Benefits

You can use your GI Bill benefits to prepare for a career in payroll!

  • Avg. starting salary $34,354 for APA certified Payroll Practitioners
  • Avg. starting salary $55,432 for APA certified Payroll Supervisors
  • Avg. starting salary $58,150 for APA certified Payroll Systems Analysts

APA's comprehensive online course, Payroll Practice and Management: PayTrain® Fundamentals & Mastery Program, is now available to military personnel and their families through a partnership with Excelsior College's Center for Professional Development. Tuition assistance may cover up to 60% of the cost. You can start your course of study at any time. Open enrollment is available now.

Also, as of May 2008, 100% of the cost of the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certification exams may be eligible for tuition assistance through the GI Bill. APA certification is a requirement for many jobs in the payroll profession today and is a valuable credential that helps you get a job.

Don't forget to check out additional payroll education opportunities by consulting APA's Portfolio of Education and Publications. APA's courses and conferences are available online, in a city near you, and at APA Learning Centers in Las Vegas, NV and San Antonio, TX.


The APA is a recognized member of DANTES, Education Support to the Department of Defense. See the APA's listing here.

If you are not sure what education is right for you, consult a Learning Path.

Contact [email protected] for more information and help with enrolling, or call 210-226-4600, ext. 3205 for assistance.


Get Started Today!

Step 1

Review your military education benefits eligibility at Excelsior College's Veterans Affairs Education Benefits page.

Step 2

Enroll in the Payroll Practice and Management program.

Step 3


Consult APA's Certification page to determine if you should prepare for the FPC or the CPP exam.

Step 4

Schedule your FPC or CPP exam and request the certification tuition assistance form from [email protected].

Step 5

Find a great job at the APA Job Board and start your payroll career.

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