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Sample Appreciation Letter for APA Capital Summit


To: [name of your manager and/or person who approved your request to attend]
cc: Finance
From: [your name here]
Date: [fill in as appropriate]
Subject: Return on Training Investment

Thanks to your support, I recently attended the American Payroll Association's Capital Summit. At this two-day conference, I learned a great deal that will benefit our operations, and I'd like to share a few highlights.

From government officials, I learned the latest legislative and regulatory compliance updates, which will protect our payroll operations from penalties for noncompliance with IRS and DOL rules.

I networked with several savvy payroll professionals who have tackled some of the same challenges we face. These informal discussions provided some valuable success stories and lessons learned that could help us save time and money. I will study them to see how they may apply to our operations.

[Insert Example of what you learned]

As an attendee, I have online access to all handouts from the conference sessions. I'm sifting through this material and will assemble the relevant documents as a department resource.

Thank you for allowing me to attend APA's Capital Summit and for supporting my continuing education. I assure you that what I have learned and the contacts I have made will help support our continued payroll compliance and the cost-effectiveness of our operations.

Use one or two of the following examples to illustrate what you learned at the Capital Summit, or create examples of your own.

Although several employer requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act have been delayed, it is important for employers to prepare for a smooth transition and implementation. IRS experts educated the audience on calculating minimum essential coverage and the employer shared responsibility requirement. I learned that because ACA is consistently evolving and its requirements will affect our company for years to come, it is important to stay updated and educated.

Experts from the IRS spoke about worker misclassification. Specifically, the U.S. Treasury has estimated that over 30 percent of U.S. companies misclassify employees as independent contractors and fail to remit the appropriate taxes. I learned about the potential penalties associated with employee misclassification and important steps we can take to combat noncompliance.

Many employers use payroll cards or have considered adopting them as a means of paying employees. However, payroll cards have gotten a lot of bad publicity this past year for a variety of reasons. I learned best practices for employers currently using a payroll card program and what important questions to ask when considering a provider. The APA and the National Consumer Law Center also shared their sensible guidelines for payroll card programs.

U.S. businesses, and their payroll departments in particular, are repositories of enormous amounts of personally identifiable information. Protecting that information is our company's ethical and legal obligation. The Federal Trade Commission shared rules for protecting and disposing of our employee's sensitive information.

Almost yearly, Congress introduces legislation that will make E-Verify mandatory at the federal level. Additionally, the number of states requiring employers to use E-Verify to establish employment eligibility continues to increase and failure to comply can lead to steep penalties. Representatives from DHS were present to teach us about the most recent E-Verify developments and worksite compliance requirements.

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