Annual Congress in Orlando, FL

Sample Thank You Letter for APA Congress


To: [name of your manager and/or person who approved your request to attend]
cc: Finance
From: [your name here]
Date: [fill in as appropriate]
Subject: Return on Training Investment

Thanks to your support, I recently attended the American Payroll Association's 32nd Annual Congress. At this four-and-half- day conference, I learned a great deal that will benefit our operations, and I'd like to share a few highlights.

From government officials and industry experts, I got the very latest legislative and regulatory compliance updates, which will protect our payroll operations from potential noncompliance penalties.

I learned about new methods and technologies that could improve the productivity of our staff and the cost-effectiveness of our processes. I am examining these new practices to see if any would be appropriate for our payroll department.

I networked with payroll professionals who work in comparably sized companies and in similar operating environments. These informal discussions provided some valuable success stories and lessons learned that could help us save time and money. I will study them to see how they may apply to our operations.

[Insert Example of what you learned]

As an attendee, I have online access to all handouts from the conference workshops. I have pulled all the relevant material together as a department resource, which will help us keep our payroll operations running smoothly.

Thank you for allowing me to attend APA's Congress and for supporting my continuing education. I assure you that what I have learned and the contacts I have made will help support our continued payroll compliance and the cost-effectiveness of our operations.

Use one or two of the following examples to illustrate what you learned at the Congress, or create examples of your own.

It was like getting insider information when I attended the "Forum on Federal Payroll Issues." There were representatives from the federal agencies who had answers for some of the questions I had been researching. It was great!

I finally heard some clear and useful information about the Affordable Care Act at a workshop at the APA's Congress. It was called "Affordable Care Act and the Impact on Payroll." I learned more in 90 minutes at that workshop than I have in the past year!

I have many new ideas to share that should clear up the confusion we've had over paying the visiting foreign professors to our campus. Those ideas are the result of being in an APA workshop at this year's Congress called "Understanding Payments to Foreign Workers." Can't wait to tell you what I learned. I took lots of notes.

Now I know why you sent me to the APA's Congress. Since we're planning a hiring phase, I went to a workshop entitled "Tax Credits and Incentives Impact the Bottom Line by Leveraging Payroll Data." I think our return on investment from what I learned there will pay for my entire trip, many times over.


To use this sample memo, simply highlight the text that appears on the page, copy (control-c) and paste (control-v) it into your word processing program. Sections in [square brackets] should be customized with your information.

Feel free to shorten or otherwise adapt this memo to fit your needs.

This memo is also available as a word document.

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