Annual APA Congress

Payroll is a Journey, not a Destination

Payroll is not always the most straight and easy path. From your first payroll position, to the decision to become certified, to joining the APA - every decision has played an important part in paving your unique career journey.

And the next stop? Nashville! Join us at the 34th Annual Congress for the newest chapter of your journey. Here, at the hub of this year's Congress, you will discover the tools you need to tackle anything that comes across your path. Upon arrival, you will check-in and receive your ticket to more than 170 workshops, amazing keynote presentations, networking events, and much more.

The growing challenges of maintaining federal, state, and local compliance and keeping employees paid and happy mean payroll professionals must always be on their toes. Not to mention, with business and technological advances, more and more payroll pros are paying globally. This adds an entirely new adventure filled with regulatory and cultural twists and turns. Congress is your passport to understanding the complexities of processing payroll that can vary greatly from country to country.

Make time for a connecting stop at the world's largest payroll Expo. Discover the latest in payroll products and services and bring home a souvenir (or two) for your team. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and join us at the Annual Congress. Browse the pages of this brochure to select the educational itinerary best suited for your path.

We look forward to seeing you in Nashville as you take the next step in your payroll journey.

Dan Maddux
Executive Director
American Payroll Association

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