Keynote Speakers

Marie Osmond

How to Hang on Through Life Without Ruining a Good Manicure!

Tuesday Opening General Session
May 5, 2015
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Marie Osmond will share how it's possible to not only surmount obstacles but also grow stronger from them. She has been successful in her 50-year show business career and work with her charity despite career challenges and personal tragedy. She will explain how the key to a truly successful and fulfilling life is making a difference, for you and for those around you while living life fully awake.

Meet Marie Osmond on Tuesday, May 5.

Not eligible for CPE credits or RCHs

Jason Hewlett

Discover the One and Only Amazing YOU!

Wednesday Luncheon
May 6, 2015
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Jason Hewlett is an award-winning one-man show of music and comedic impressions. Jason has performed in every major casino in Las Vegas and will leave you entertained and inspired. Using celebrity impersonation with a cast of characters from Michael Jackson to T-Rex, Jason will have you laughing so hard it hurts and singing along with so much fun you will cry with tears of joy.

Meet Jason Hewlett at the Empower booth (#321) on Wednesday, May 6.

Not eligible for CPE credits or RCHs

Jason Dorsey

Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations to Grow Your Business

Thursday General Session
May 7, 2015
9:45 - 11:45 a.m.

Fact: strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for others, and this makes your job more difficult than ever. Best-selling author Jason Dorsey exposes new generational truths that directly impact leaders like you. Take action to drive communication, engagement, recruiting, and more.

Hear why Gen Y doesn't like vowels and the one tool Baby Boomers never leave home without.

Meet Jason Dorsey at the Global Cash Card booth (#401) on Thursday, May 7.

Field of Study: Personnel/HR/1.0 CPE credit/1.0 RCH

David Okerlund

Managing Margins of Greatness

Friday Closing General Session
May 8, 2015
4:15 - 5:45 p.m.

David Okerlund will take you on a journey on how to better manage a world of change and move from good to great in your personal and professional life. David shares four core values that are the linchpins of personal and organizational success.

His motivational humor will make it an unforgettable experience!

Meet David Okerlund on Friday, May 8.

Field of Study: Personal Development/1.0 CPE Credit/1.0 RCH

Brian Walter

Congress Entertainment and Infotainment

Tuesday - Friday General Sessions

Infotainer Brian Walter is a hall-of-fame speaker, humorist, and award-winning multi-media producer. He has been turning boring meetings into extremely memorable ones for over 20 years. When Brian and his team are onstage, expect parody music, custom game shows, quirky videos, all-about-you customization, and extreme audience interaction.

Brian and his extremely talented troupe will be with us all week. Don't miss the special Payroll Games' competitions live on stage. Be sure to attend Friday's Closing Session to see which of the 9 Regional Tributes will be named the Victor.


Marie Osmond at APA Congress in Las Vegas

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Steve Gilliland Makes a Difference

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Kim Snider inspires and entertains at APA National Congress in Washington, D.C., Gaylord National Harbor

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Brian Walter appears at APA Congress in Las Vegas

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