Annual APA Congress

Invited Government Speakers
Federal Government Executive General Session

Friday, May 19
8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Tamara Powell
Acting Director
Return Integrity Compliance Services (RICS)
Wage and Investment Operating Division
Internal Revenue Service

Today, 68.5% of total IRS collections, which is $2.28 trillion of the total $3.33 trillion collected, comes from payroll deposits. Therefore, the relationship between payroll professionals as stakeholders and the IRS is more important than ever. Preventing identity theft and tax fraud, alerting payroll about phishing schemes, and ensuring effective and user-friendly tax and information filing forms are just a few of issues APA's partnership with the IRS is addressing. Here, IRS leadership will highlight some of these topics.

John Koskinen

John Thompson
U.S. Census Bureau

Mr. Thompson was sworn in as the 24th Census Bureau Director in 2013. He oversees preparations for the 2020 Census and presides over more than 100 other censuses and surveys, which provide the basis for crucial economic indicators such as the unemployment rate. Mr. Thompson said: "As America forges its data-driven future, the Census Bureau must lead the way by tracking emerging trends, developing more efficient processes, and embracing new technologies for planning and executing the surveys it conducts that are so important to the nation." Mr. Thompson will discuss preparations for the 2018 Economic Census and explain how payroll data plays an important role.

FOS: Business Law/ 1.0 CPE credit/ 1.0 RCH

León Rodriguez

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