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Members of the American Payroll Association may participate in a variety of activities by participating in its committees, boards, advisory groups, and task forces. In addition APA staff help support our member community.

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  • The American Payroll Association introduced the APA Ambassador program in 2007. The program provides opportunities for continuing service to those who have served APA National as an officer (President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Vice President), director, o
  • Reviews applications for and selects the recipients of the APA Education Grant Awards. Members are appointed by the President-Elect.
  • Advises the Commissioner on issues having a substantive effect on federal tax administration by commenting on current programs and suggesting operational improvements. Appointee is subject to approval by the IRS.
  • Represents APA's membership on all matters related to the IRS's Information Reporting Program. Appointee is subject to approval by the IRS.
  • Represents APA's membership on matters related to combatting identity theft refund fraud to protect the nation's taxpayers.
  • Core group of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of APA's membership and the payroll profession.
  • The APA President's Board of Advisors are the liaison to APA's affiliated local chapters, with each Advisor representing chapters in one of nine regions within the United States. The Advisors work with the local chapters to bring forth ideas and recommend
  •  Writes articles pertinent to payroll operations, compliance or management for publication in PAYTECH or PAYTECHonline®, attends the annual Board of Contributing Writers meeting held during the Congress and contributes ideas for article topics. T
  • The Board of Directors (the "Board") oversees the property and activities of the Association. The Board consists of six Regular Directors, the President, the Immediate Past President, the Executive Director, and the Corporate Member Advisor. The Board is
  • APA's Board of Directors - Non Voting Officers consists of APA's President-Elect, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. In the absence of the President and Executive Director, the Vice President longest holding such office presides at the meetings of
  • Writes questions for the Fundamental Payroll Certification and Certified Payroll Professional exams to be reviewed by the FPC Committee and Certification Board. Volunteers to the committee receive training on techniques of question writing and are require
  • The Certification Board is comprised of 14 members, of which 7 members serve on the CPP Committee and 7 members serve on the FPC Committee. Each committee is responsible for the review, edit and development of questions for each respective payroll Exam. T
  • Provides a final step for review of a candidate's score on the Certified Payroll Professional or Fundamental Payroll Certification Exam. Appointed by the Executive Director.
  • APA local chapter members volunteer for this committee to mentor chapters on specific chapter-management issues. Volunteers complete a questionnaire indicating their areas of expertise from among 85 categories. CHAMPS stands for "Chapters Helping APA-chap
  • Selects the recipients of APA's "Chapter of the Year" and Gavel Awards. Members are appointed by the President-Elect.
  • Advises APA's staff on the content of APA's educational seminars and conferences by identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful payroll professionals at the various stages of their careers. Members are appointed by the Presiden
  • The primary mission of the Electronic Payments Committee is to promote expanded use of direct deposit and electronic payments. Committee members strive to educate both employers and employees about the benefits of electronic payments. These efforts includ
  • Reviews the financial position of the APA, has financial reports prepared and makes projections for upcoming years. Members are appointed by the Executive Director.
  • The APA's Government Relations Task Force represents the association in its dealings with federal and state legislatures and executive agencies. Through the GRTF, members work with federal and state officials to bring about legislative and regulatory chan
  • One work group within this subcommittee works with federal, state and local child support agencies in developing policies and practices associated with the withholding of child support payments. Another work group works on issues related to the developmen
  • This subcommittee monitors and comments on state and federal immigration issues that impact the payroll function.
  • The IRS Issues subcommittee tackles the tough IRS issues facing employers. Whether it is new reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act, changes to income tax rates and withholding calculations due to Federal legislation, or the challenges a pay
  • This subcommittee lobbies state legislatures and regulatory agencies to promote the use payroll debit cards as an alternative to checks and direct deposit.
  • Subcommittee members will have the unique opportunity to inform Treasury of any problems and offer suggestions for improvements that may in turn reduce any unforeseen administrative burdens.
  • Researches and responds to payroll questions posed by members. Members volunteer to serve on this committee and complete a questionnaire indicating their areas of expertise. Must be available by phone or e-mail during business hours.
  • Nationally known experts on various payroll topics who receive training from APA and teach APA seminars. Members are also available for other speaking engagements, representing the APA on payroll-related topics. Prospective members may send a resume or cu
  • Recruits, screens and recommends candidates for participation in the orderly and democratic election of the President-Elect and Board of Directors. Four members are appointed by the President-Elect and Board of Directors in alternate years with the other
  • Members investigate and communicate best practices in the Shared Services arena.
  • This committee promotes the use of social networking tools by APA members and evaluates and recommends new social networking opportunities.
  • Serves APA's members by investigating and communicating innovative business practices. Volunteer members participate on one or more subcommittees: Best Practices, Educational Institutions, Emerging Technologies, Global Issues, Government/Public Sector Bes
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