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APA's Chapter Relations Department serves as the liaison between the national association and its local affiliated chapters. It is APA's goal to provide chapters with as many resources as possible to help build and continue each chapter's success.


The Chapter Relations Department manages a "Chapter Network" column in APA's PAYTECH monthly magazine and PAYTECHonline monthly web-based publication. Both publications share chapter related articles, stories, and announcements. Local chapter members are encouraged to submit chapter related articles for the Chapter Network columns through Chapter Relations. For more information on submitting chapter articles, please contact APA's Chapter Relations Department.

Chapter Statewide/Regional Conferences

All chapters hosting a statewide or regional conference are encouraged to register their event with APA's Chapter Relations Department. Once the conference is registered, APA will provide brochures and an door prize. Additionally, APA will send one speaker from APA's National Speakers Bureau (NSB), APA's Board of Directors (BOD), or APA's staff to speak at the meeting. This speaker's travel expenses will be covered by APA National, while the lodging expenses will need to be covered by chapter host(s). To request your one free speaker for your statewide or regional conference, please view the "Requesting Speakers from APA" section below. Additional speakers are at the cost of the requesting chapter(s).

To register your statewide or regional conference with APA National, you may do so electronically through your Chapter Profile or submit the Statewide Meeting Registration form.

Requesting Speakers from APA

APA's National Speakers Bureau (NSB) is comprised of seasoned Payroll Professionals from around the country. Our NSB members are APA members who present APA seminars and industry workshops across the nation.

To request a NSB, BOD, or APA staff member for chapter or statewide meetings, please complete the Speaker Request Form and contact APA's Speaker Administration Department.

Please note: To ensure speaker availability, we encourage chapters to submit their Speaker Request Form at least four to six months prior to the meeting or conference date. APA does not guarantee specific speakers requested will be available.


Study Group Registration Form

Statewide/Regional Conference Registration Form

RCH Request Form

Chapter Officer Update Form

APA National Committee Volunteer Form

Speaker Request Form


All chapters may request contact information for APA national members in their service areas by submitting a

Mail List Request & Agreement Form.


NEW - Chapter Profile Edit Procedures

Chapter Study Group Guide.

Local Chapter Guide

100 Chapter Meeting Topics

Chapter RCH Guide


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