Chapter Mentor Program

APA's Voluntary Chapter Mentor Program

CHAMPS, which stands for Chapters Helping APA-chapters Make Payroll Shine, was created to provide a "chapter-to-chapter" referral and networking service for chapter members across the nation to turn to when confronting challenges within their chapters. Chapters faced with unique issues often seek guidance from other more experienced chapters. This is a perfect opportunity to network with other chapter members!

Who can volunteer to mentor?

If your chapter has had positive results and success in a specific area, and you would be willing to volunteer to share your ideas, suggestions, or advice to help out other APA chapter members, we invite you to sign up to be a CHAMPS volunteer today!

Who can use CHAMPS referrals?

The CHAMPS Mentor referral program is designed specifically to benefit APA's local affiliated chapters when they are in need of help or advice from other chapters. Available only to national APA members of local chapters across the nation, the referral service is to be used only for chapter development issues, not payroll issues. The APA Hotline Service, telephone and online, and the APA ListServ are available for APA members who need assistance with payroll-related questions. To receive a CHAMPS Mentor referral for a chapter related issue, please use the link under "To Get A Referral" (at the right) to fill out our online request form.

Why participate?

By participating, you will not only benefit on a personal and professional level, but your chapter will be recognized as a national leader, paving the way for new or less experienced chapters to make their mark in the payroll profession.

Is it easy to sign up?

Volunteering for CHAMPS is simple! Use the online form under "To Become A Mentor" (at the right) and fill out the volunteer form. Select any of the more than 80 chapter categories in which you feel comfortable mentoring another chapter. If you need assistance please contact Chapter Relations.

Spread the word!

Please encourage your fellow chapter members, board, committees, volunteers, instructors, and other active chapter participants to sign up as a mentor. Use the link under "To Become a Mentor" (at the right).

We look forward to your participation in CHAMPS!


A handbook has been developed to aid CHAMPS mentors. It includes information about the mission of CHAMPS, the responsibilities of mentors and more.

Download CHAMPS Mentor Handbook.


To become a CHAMPS Mentor volunteer, you must be an active APA National member. Please log in at the top right hand corner of this page to proceed to the online CHAMPS Mentor signup page.


To request a CHAMPS Mentor referral, you must be an active APA National member. Please log in at the top right hand corner of this page to proceed to the online CHAMPS mentor request form.

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