Approved Providers 2015

Approved Providers are listed by Company Name, Government Agency, College or University. To locate a specific program offered by an Approved Provider, select the applicable organization's name. If an organization is not listed or for more information pertaining to a specific program, please contact the sponsoring organization.

ADP Added Value Service: Employee/Client Programs

ADP Major Account Services: Client Programs

ADP Major Account Services: Employee Programs

ADP National Account Services: Client Programs

ADP National Account Services: Employee/Client Programs

ADP National Account Services: Employee Programs

ADP Small Business Services: Employee Programs

ADP Total Source: Employee Programs


Adaptasoft, Inc.

Advanced Payroll

Amfasoft Corporation

Aon, plc/Aon University



Balance Point Payroll

Bangor Payoll

Bloomberg BNA

Brandman University

CBIZ Payroll

Center for Competitive Management

Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Ceridian HR/Payroll and Tax

Child Support Directors Association

Comdata, Inc.

Dale Carnegie Training

Dresser & Associates

Empower Software Solutions

Equifax Workforce Solutions

Ernst & Young, LLP


Government Payroll Review Seminar


HireQuality Solutions

Independent Payroll Providers Association

Kronos Incorporated

Kronos SaaShr Inc.

Lakeland Community College


Lorman Education Services



Minerva Pabon

Mosaic Employer Solutions

National Foundation UCWC

National Seminars Training



Optimum Solutions, Inc.

Papa Johns


Paycor, Inc.

Paylocity Corporation

PayMaster, Inc.


People Strategy, Inc.


Proliant Inc.


S E Reed Consulting, LLC


Sentric, Inc.

Stambaugh Ness, PC

Sungaurd National Users Group (SNUG)

SwipeClock, LLC

Target Corporation

Texas Connection

Texas County & District Retirement System

Thompson Information Services

Thomson Reuters

Tilson HR, Inc.

Time Warner Cable

Ultimate Software Group, Inc.

Virginia DOA


Washington Division of Child Support


WorkForce Software

Xerox Business Services


Recertification is required after 5 years for CPP and 3 years for FPC. Recertification may be achieved through accumulating recertification credit hours ((RCHs) or by successfully retesting. For CPP 120 RCHs are required; for FPC, 60.

Earn RCHs with APA Membership

Obtain three Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) per year for being a member in good standing. RCHs will be awarded at the end of the APA member's membership year based on anniversary date.

CPP Recertification Program Log
FPC Recertification Program Log

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