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You have set out on your own, but you're not alone. Every business    could use a little help these days. So Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks and the American Payroll Association have partnered together to give you the tools you need most right now. Because we want you to do more than survive. We want you to thrive.


Welcome to APA's Small Buiness Portal, sponsored by Intuit. Here you'll find information about payroll processing, a guide to hiring the right employees and information on the recent economic stimulus plan.  Plus you'll have access to resources to help start your business, grow your business and free marketing tools and small business articles to ensure you are on the road to business success.


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Payroll 101

  • What is Payroll?


  • What are Payroll Taxes?


  • Your Responsibilities


  • Payroll Management Options

Guide to Hiring

  • Preparing to Hire


  • Finding Good Employees


  • Understanding Gov't Rules & Regulations


Economic Stimulus

  • Get Stimulus Dollars into Employee Pockets
  • Catch Up with New Stimulus Tax Rates
  • How Intuit Payroll can help





Industry Research

Small Business Innovation -  This research brief from Intuit looks at small business innovation trends that will impact small business over the next decade (Full Research Brief PDF)


The Intuit Future of Small Business Report

A unique three-part study from Intuit that looks forward 10 years to examine the prospects, influences and profiles of small business.
















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Intuit provides free webinars and on-demand training to help you learn more about running payroll, your business, and changes in the industry.


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